DAYTON 1FYX2 Bench Grinder W/ Dust Management, Single Speed, 12 Inch Wheel | AA9VBT

DAYTON 1FYX2 Bench Grinder W/ Dust Management, Single Speed, 12 Inch Wheel

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Product Specifications:

ItemBench Grinder
Arbor Size1.25"
Fitting Size1.5"
Fitting TypeAluminum Male x Female w/Brass Swivel
Grit36 and 60
Inside Dia.1.5"
Max. Pressure150 psi
Max. Temp.150 Degrees F
No Load RPM1800
Overall Height50-1/2"(with stand)
Overall Length23"
ReinforcementStrong Fiber
Tube MaterialPVC
Wheel Diameter12"
Wheel MaterialAluminum Oxide
Wheel Width2"

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 128.7
Ship height (cm)129.54
Ship length (cm)41.91
Ship width (cm)58.42
HS code8465930090
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Bench grinders are ideal for shaping, grinding and sharpening tools, tips, sheets and metal pieces in metal refurbishing, manufacturing and maintenance applications. These grinders generally feature an abrasive grinding wheel or belt that runs at high speeds to form, shape or smoothen a workpiece.
Dayton bench grinders use an electric motor for deburring, grinding, cleaning, sharpening and chamfering jobs of metal block or pieces. They have dynamically balanced armature assembly with sealed bearings to ensure smooth running, noiseless operation and minimum vibrations. These Dayton bench grinders are equipped with grinding wheels having a large wheel to wheel clearance and OSHA compliant wheel guards for easy grinding of longer items and increased user safety. They have heavy duty motors for continuous, efficient use over a long period. These Dayton bench grinders can be adjusted easily by the users to allow efficient tilt & angle grinding applications. They also have safety features like adjustable safety eye shields & easily positioned spark guards with hurricane bolts for protecting users & surrounding machinery from injuries or fire hazards.
Dayton bench grinder, 1FYX2 has a 12 inch grinding wheel having 36/60 grit & 1725 RPM wheel speed for heavy duty grinding. It has a 2 hp, 60hz motor having 240V & 10A power requirements. This Dayton bench grinder has a pedestal floor stand with a quench tray for operating the unit while standing & reducing frequent bending related injuries to users. It has aluminium & steel construction for strength & corrosion resistance. This Dayton bench grinder comes with a dust management system for cleaning away grounded materials.


Dayton bench grinders are suitable for deburring, grinding, cleaning, sharpening and chamfering the alloy or carbon metal pieces. It is generally used in construction, maintenance & refurbishing applications.


  • Dayton bench grinder, 1FYX2 has a 12 inch abrasive grinding wheel with 36/60 grit to shape or smoothen a workpiece made of alloys or carbon metals.
  • It is powered by a 2 hp totally enclosed ball bearing motor for rotating the wheels at 1725 rpm to remove materials from small areas, curves & irregularly shaped bumps more easily.
  • This Dayton bench grinder is equipped with a single point dust collector for filtrating out grounded dust and ensuring a clean working environment.
  • It is integrated with an emergency Off switch to cut off the power supply in case of emergencies.
  • This Dayton bench grinder comes with a pedestal foot stand having a quench tray for clearing up workbench spaces and storing a coolant.
  • It has a aluminium & steel construction for structural rigidity & durability.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Raptor Supplies can deliver replacement parts, such as brackets, capacitors, hex nuts, flange screws, for replacing faulty or worn out parts of Dayton 1FYX2 bench grinder.
  • We also supply dust collector hoses and hose extension kits for clearing out dusts & debris generated by operation of the Dayton bench grinder.

Standards and Approvals:

All Dayton bench grinders are OSHA compliant and are CSA certified, ensuring user safety, superior performance and environmental health.


  • Ensure delivery of all the parts & tools using Dayton bench grinder's operating manual.
  • Assemble the parts using the manual. Do not assemble if parts are missing or are broken. Order repair or replacement parts if necessary.
  • Install the eyeshields on the Dayton bench grinder and place the unit on the assembled stand.
  • Tighten the hardware using bolts, washers & nuts.
  • Then, the Dayton bench grinder should be connected to a grounded power supply using a 6 feet cord. Use of extension cords to supply power at farther distances may cause voltage reduction and loss of power.
  • Wear proper apparel and keep the work area clean for safe & secure operation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Raptor Supplies offer other types of finishing tools?

A. Yes, Raptor Supplies offers various types of finishing tools other than bench grinders, such as pneumatic-blast-cabinets, deburring blades and bench-buffers. Pneumatic blast cabinets are used to remove rust & old paint stains and smoothen rough surfaces by removing imperfections on objects. Deburring tools like handheld deburring blades remove burrs from the raw edges of tools & holes of a product. The bench buffers are ideal for polishing metal tools & tubing and are also suitable for creating a smooth surface.

Q. What to do in case of Dayton bench grinder failure?

A. Assuming that the Dayton bench grinder is supplied with the correct power supply, believing that it is the correct choice for grinding the workpiece material, the first thing to check is the status of the wiring connections, fuse & capacitor. Users should also check & clean dirt or dust accumulated wheels and shaft causing heating up of the motor. Motor bearings should be kept lubricated regularly for smooth operation. Users should take care that they do not wedge any material between wheel and guard to prevent stopping of the motor. They should also check for wear & tear on the bench grinder parts. Users may also face vibrations and irregular grinding during operation due to improper mounting of the wheels or the unit on stands.

Q. What does a Dayton grinder's grit size signify?

A. The grit of a Dayton grinder refers to the size of abrasive materials present on the grinder. A high grit size (120 etc.) denotes the presence of finer abrasives in the grinder wheel, leading to smoother surface finishes. Lower grit sizes (30, 36 etc.) represent coarser abrasives that scrape off materials faster. Choose according to your applications for coarse or fine grinding, while keeping in view the properties of the material (workpiece).

Product Variants

ProductModelOverall LengthItemAmpsArbor SizeFor Max. Wheel Dia.Grinding Wheel GritGritHPPrice
DAYTON 16W005 Bench Grinder/buffer 6 In | AA7ZLT 16W00518.5"Grinder Buffer3.5/1.751/2"--361/3€293.34
DAYTON 16W006 Bench Grinder/buffer 8 In | AA7ZLU 16W00621"Grinder Buffer7/3.55/8"--363/4€456.82
DAYTON 2LKR9 Bench Grinder, 3/4 HP, for Wheel Diameters up to 8 Inches | AC2NEK 2LKR921"Bench Grinder7/3.55/8"--36 and 603/4€389.83
DAYTON 49H004 Bench Grinder 1/2 Hp 120v 5/8 Arbor | AG6WEP 49H00417"Bench Grinder3.15/8"--120/601/3€360.12
DAYTON 49H008 Bench Grinder 1/2 Hp 120v 5/8 Arbor | AG6WER 49H00818"Bench Grinder5.05/8"--60/301/2€437.38
DAYTON 38UK59 Bench Grinder, 120/240V, 1/2 HP Power, 6 Inch Diameter | AH8JKR 38UK5920"Bench Grinder8.8/4.4A1/2"6"36/6036 and 1201/2 hp€602.54
DAYTON 38UK60 Bench Grinder 115/230V 1 HP 8 Inch Diameter | AH8JKT 38UK6018"Bench Grinder13.6/6.8---36 and 1201€1,246.39

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DAYTON 1FYX2 Bench Grinder W/ Dust Management, Single Speed, 12 Inch Wheel
€2,209.24 /unit