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Pneumatic ToolsView all

  • Air Gun Accessories

    Include air gun valve rebuilt kits, inlet / outlet hose cuffs, curved cleaning tools, air gun holders, floor brushes and angle adaptors used for maintenance and repair services of pneumatic tools. Available in female to female & male to female connections

  • Air Gun Nozzles

    Designed for use with air guns for blowing off dust, liquid & debris while drying and cooling components. Feature tubes made of aluminium / brass / steel and provide noise level reductions. Offered in 1/4 and 1/8 inch inlet sizes  

  • Air Guns

    Ideal for delivering a high-pressure air stream to clean residues and dust particles from difficult-to-reach places, such as pipe corners and conveyors. Variants offered in air consumption rates ranging between 10 and 330 scfm

  • Swivel Connectors

    Ideal for preventing compression and kinking of pneumatic tubing lines, as well as provide optimum airflow and reduction of system rigidity. Offered in 1/4 inch NPT and quick-connect outlet options  

Pneumatics HosesView all

  • Air Hoses

    Suitable for use with spigots, clamps & flanges to control the fluid flow and carry compressed air to nozzles & other pneumatic tools. Feature nylon / polyurethane construction ensuring resistance against oil, water and grease

  • Hose Safety Cables
  • Tubing

Distribution EquipmentView all

  • Quick Connect Air Couplings

    Coupler plugs featuring male NPT threaded surfaces for easy installation on the end of tool inlets and pneumatic hoses. Capable of withstanding pressures up to 150 psi  

Replacement PartsView all

  • Parts

    Includes air hoses, exhaust assemblies, air inlet shutoff valves, liquid drain valves, retaining springs, airline couplings, gaskets, round bristle brushes, Mac Vac mounting plates and steel drum covers. Compatible with Guardair 75LJ, U75LJ, 75XT & U75XT venturi nozzles

About Guardair

Guardair's extensive catalogue includes safety air guns, compressed-air-powered vacuums and related accessories for industrial cleaning and maintenance services. Guardair Air Gun catalogue comprises PalmJet, Laser, Syphon, Thumbswitch, Ultra, Classic and Big Series air guns. Guardair air blow guns facilitate the removal of debris and non-contact drying and blowing tasks. These units feature an ergonomic, pistol-grip design to offer extended reach and fatigue-free operation. They are available in air consumption capacities ranging from 8 to 150 scfm. Choose from a wide range of these air blow guns along with other products & accessories, such as swivel connectors, quick connect air couplings, air hoses, transport drums and venturi nozzles for precise fluid measurements in pressure gradients below critical and in steady flow patterns, on Raptor Supplies.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Guardair's MPNs cross individual references to the equivalent Vulcan Hart, Watts, Vestil and Parker model numbers. So, if you are looking for competitor items that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Guardair products available. Customers can also cross-reference most products using the last 5 digits of the model numbers.


Guardair products are small, medium & large in size and supplied in multiple pieces, therefore require careful packaging as some products might get damaged while shipping. Hence, they are delivered by air freight and courier shipment for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Guardair Competitive Advantages

Quiet-Test Silencer Nozzle

They minimise dangerous noise levels and are easily connected with standard Chicago-style fitting. These nozzles feature all metal housing with insulated grips for user convenience.

Blind Hole Vacuums

These vacuums securely and efficiently suck up material stuck in blind holes. They reduce potentially harmful chip fly-back and additional cleanup brought by blowing out debris. The versions have a strong pneumatic vacuum and an on-demand air agitator that loosens and removes chips or debris deeply embedded in crevices or blind holes. The attached vacuum hose of 5 feet ensures flexible reach and a clear-view window guarantees precise positioning for maximum performance. They are capable of mounting on any vertical surface and are equipped with a 5.5-gallon, chemical-resistant container & a standard air filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an On-Guard chip shield?

It protects against dangerous chip fly-back when cleaning compressed air and complies with OSHA Standard 1910.242(b). This product slides onto a safety air gun for immediate compliance and is suitable for up-close or bench-top cleaning applications.

Is it permissible to tape an air gun trigger down ("always on mode") to provide constant air flow?

Although, this approach is not expressly forbidden by OSHA laws, Guardair does not advise it. Disabling the "dead-man" function built into the trigger mechanism might cause the air tool to whip about and seriously injure someone.

What is the advantage of Guardair safety air guns versus straight pipes?

  • Straight pipes are inefficient because they require a lot more compressed air than a properly designed safety air pistol does to provide the same amount of thrust.
  • Straight pipes are frequently controlled by a ball valve, which lacks the "dead-man" functionality found in the safety air gun trigger mechanism.
  • Straight pipes are not ergonomically designed tools, hence they cause operator fatigue over time.
  • As the straight pipes do not adhere to the OSHA guideline limiting output pressure, which is less than 30 psi when dead-ended, they are unlawful and dangerous.

What size air line do I need to run my Guardair safety air gun?

  • In general, 1/4 inch ID or larger air lines are needed for Guardair safety air pistols with 1/4 inch NPT inlets.
  • Air lines having a 3/8 inch ID or bigger are required for air weapons with 3/8 inch NPT inlets.
  • Air lines of a 3/4 inch ID or bigger are needed for air weapons having a 3/4 inch NPT input.
  • Air lines can always be designed larger than necessary, but not smaller, to assure rated thrust.

Why does my air gun lack power?

  • Due to undersized air lines
  • Due to undersized connectors and / or fittings
  • Inadequate plant air capacity or pressure