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ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6100 Metric Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, No Cutting Board, 6 to 330 mm Cutting Dia. | AG8XTA

ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6100 Metric Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, No Cutting Board, 6 to 330 mm Cutting Dia.

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Item: AG8XTA Model: AX6100

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Product Specifications:

ItemMetric Gasket Cutter Kit
Block MaterialBrass
Body MaterialBrass
Coating FinishChrome Plated
Cutting BoardNo
Cutting Dia.19.05mm
FinishChrome Plated
Height2 1/2"
Includes(6) Standard Blades, (6) Heavy-Duty Blades, (1) Short Center Pin, (1) Medium Center Pin, (1) Long Center Pin, (1) Disc Pin, (1) Post with Offset Pin, (1) Pivot Post, (2) Knurled Nut for Pivot Post, (1) Cutting Knob, (1) Cutter Block Assembly, (1) Storage
Max. Work Thickness19.05 mm
Maximum Cutting Diameter330mm
Minimum Cutting Diameter0mm
Number of Pieces27
System of MeasurementMetric

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 3.28
Ship height (cm)6.35
Ship length (cm)30.48
Ship width (cm)22.86
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:


Allpax AX6100 gasket cutter kit offers a wide combination of features, making it useful for heavy-duty operations including the fabrication of rubber, cork, Teflon and hard fibre. It is ideal for retort processing plants, breweries, power plants, oil refineries, pharmaceutical & food sterilisation equipment & autoclaves, and nutraceutical plants.


  • Allpax AX6100 gasket cutter kit comprises six standard-duty cutting blades, six heavy-duty cutting blades, 1-3/16 inch short centre pin, 1-7/16 inch medium centre pin, 1-11/16 inch long centre pin, disc pins, post with offset pin, pivot post, two knurled nuts for pivot post, cutting knob, cutter block assembly, centre pin handle, dove toil designer template and bolt hole locator template, all packed in an ergonomic & durable storage case.
  • These AX6100 gasket cutter tools combine to form an extension style, heavy duty gasket cutter for fabricating both metallic and non-metallic ring, flange & irregularly shaped gaskets with ease.
  • The premium-grade cutter block with contoured edge is designed for bolting holes and chrome-plated steel extension bars are used for cutting gaskets up to 61 inches in diameter.
  • Allpax easy-to-read, engraved scale assures precise cuts and heavy-duty cutting blades deliver consistent & repetitive cutting in materials having thickness up to 19 mm.
  • The sliding, knurled nuts help adjust cutting radius.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Allpax hollow punches: These hollow punches are suitable for creating quick & precise punching holes in flange gasket cutters. These units are replacement parts for Allpax AX6100 punch tools. They feature a hardened steel, hollow cutting head that stays sharp for utmost performance and a patented locking system to facilitate rapid interchange of cutting heads.
  • Allpax cutting boards: These cutting boards provide a durable surface for cutting applications and feature a self-healing surface to reseal surface cuts, thereby providing a smooth surface throughout the cycle. They also extend the life of cutting blades and are integrated with a non slip, textured surface that minimises blade friction and breakage.

Standards and Approvals:

Allpax AX6100 heavy-duty metric gasket cutter is designed to meet OSHA standards to ensure a safe and hazard-free work environment. The brand also passes a Factory Acceptance Test for food retorting processes.


  • Pierce a hole having a small diameter in the centre of the gasket material which needs to be cut.
  • Lay out the material flat on the cutting board.
  • Poke the centre pin through the hole and insert into a ferrule in the board.
  • Set the blade to the required depth of cut.
  • Loosen the knurled nut and adjust it to the desired outside diameter.
  • Add / remove extensions, if necessary.
  • Place the tail of the extension onto the pin.
  • Grip the block with one hand, while holding the pin with the other.
  • Sweep a circular pattern around the circumference of the material while simultaneously applying downward pressure.
  • Remove the excess material.
  • Adjust the cutter to the desired inner diameter and cut another circular pattern around that circumference.
  • Remove the finished flange gasket.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are handheld gasket cutters?

A. Handheld circular gasket cutters are designed for cutting out gaskets with hand-held tools to fit seals and offer a leak-proof surface. These circular gasket cutting kits require manual adjustments of knives, centre points and centre bars.

Q. How do I choose the right gasket cutter?

A. The most important deciding factor is whether the assembly needs to be stationary or portable. In general, extension style circular metric gasket cutters are portable and lightweight. These electric gasket cutter kits are widely used to fabricate non-metallic or non-rigid gasket materials. Rotary gasket cutters, on the other hand, are heavier and require mounting or bolting on a vise or workbench for fixed-location gasket cutting. These circular gasket cutters are best suited for metallic or rigid gasket materials, as well as for cutting out irregularly shaped gaskets. These gasket rotary machines are powered using either a hand crank or an electric motor. The motorised version provides quick, hassle-free operation but requires electric power. The hand-operated rotary gasket cutters do not require any electrical power supply and can be installed anywhere.

Q. How do Allpax rotary style gasket cutters work?

A. Rotary style gasket cutters have a stationary frame with a crank-powered set of rotating cutting discs. To operate, first set the scale bar to the desired outer diameter (OD) and pierce a small hole in the centre of the gasket material to be cut. Open the cutter, insert the material onto a scale bar spindle and fasten using the knurled nut. Using one hand, lower the cutting disc & apply pressure, while also turning the crank with the other hand. Remove excess material and adjust the scale bar to the desired inner diameter (ID) and make another circular cut around that circumference. Finally, remove the finished flange gasket.

Q. How do Allpax rotary style electric gasket cutters work?

A. Allpax rotary style electric gasket cutters feature an integrated electric motor that powers the gasket cutting operation & eliminates the requirement for manual effort. This motor is connected to the rotating disc for automatically moving & cutting the gasket material.

Q. Does Raptor Supplies offer similar gasket cutter kits with different gasket cutting capacities?

A.Yes, Raptor Supplies also offers Allpax 4000 Series medium duty gasket cutter kits for cutting diameters ranging between 1 and 49 inches.

Q. What is Allpax 6100 metric gasket cutter kit used for?

A. Allpax AX6100 gasket cutters are used for accurately cutting gaskets and circular joints in materials like leather, rubber, plastic, PTFE and vulcanised fibre, up to 61 inches (1550 mm) in diameter.

Product Variants

ProductModelMaximum Cutting DiameterMinimum Cutting DiameterPrice
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6101 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy-Duty, Metric, 12 x 9 x 2.5 Inch Size | CH9AKG AX6101635mm0mm€302.11
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6102 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy-Duty, Metric, 12 x 9 x 2.5 Inch Size | CH9AKH AX6102940mm0mm€317.31
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6103 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy-Duty, Metric, 12 x 9 x 2.5 Inch Size | CH9AKJ AX61031245mm0mm€337.21
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6104 Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy-Duty, Metric, 12 x 9 x 2.5 Inch Size | CH9AKK AX61041550mm0mm€352.71

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ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX6100 Metric Gasket Cutter Kit, Heavy Duty, No Cutting Board, No Cutting Board, 6 to 330 mm Cutting Dia.
€405.01 /unit