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ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX1400 Cutting Disc, Non Metallic Gasket | AG8YBP 41MV87

ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX1400 Cutting Disc, Non Metallic Gasket

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Item: AG8YBP Model: AX1400Cross Ref: 41MV87

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Product Specifications:

ItemCutting Disc
Body MaterialSteel
Depth1 1/2"
TypeTop Cutting Disc
Use WithNon Metallic Gaskets

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.14
Ship height (cm)7.87
Ship length (cm)14.73
Ship width (cm)0.76
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Allpax AX1400 top cutting disc is a replacement part for Allen MM3, M3 and SM4 rotary style gasket cutters. This unit delivers a cutting depth of 1.5 inches and is used with AX7000 vise mount and AX7001 bench mount rotary style gasket cutters. The brand's cutting disc is ideal for cutting non metallic gasket materials including hard fibre, cork, Teflon and rubber. Allpax AX1400 cutting disc features durable, heat treated steel construction for enhanced structural rigidity and excellent corrosion resistance. Raptor Supplies, a trusted distributor of Allpax AX1400 top cutting disc, also offers bottom cutting disc having a cutting depth of 1.6 inches for M3 gasket cutters.


Allpax AX1400 top cutting disc offers a wide combination of features. It is suitable for heavy-duty operations, such as fabrication of rubber, cork, Teflon and hard fibre in retort processing plants, breweries, power plants, oil refineries, pharmaceutical & food sterilisation equipment & autoclaves, and nutraceutical plants.


  • Allpax AX1400 top cutting disc is a replacement part for Allen MM3, M3 and SM4 rotary style gasket cutters and is used with AX7000 & AX7001 rotary style gasket cutters.
  • This AX1400 cutting disc is designed to cut both metallic and non-metallic ring, flange & irregular shape gasket materials, such as rubber, cork, Teflon and hard fibre in the brewing, power plant, oil refining, pharmaceutical & food sterilising industries.
  • AX1400 cutting disc has corrosion resistant steel construction that is heat treated to deliver enhanced durability and structural rigidity.
  • It has a cutting depth of 1.5 inches and a height of 0.25 inches.
  • This Allpax AX1400 disc is capable of cutting gaskets having face widths ranging from 1/2 to 8-3/4 inches.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Allpax AX7000: M3 rotary-style gasket cutters feature heavy-duty, cast iron frames with 7 inch throat and are ideal for cutting non-metallic gasket materials like fibre, cork and rubber having thickness of up to 1/4 inches. These gasket cutters are crank operated that helps in cutting gaskets with ease and feature long-lasting, heat-treated tool steel, rotary cutting discs.
  • Allpax AX7001: SM4 rotary-style gasket cutters feature industrial grade cast iron frame and 8.75 inch throat for cutting precise flange, ring, and non-uniform shape gaskets. These crank operated gasket cutters comfortably cut gaskets having face widths of 1/2 to 8-3/4 inches; 3 inch I.D. to 28 inch outside diameter.
  • Allpax AX1430: This spanner wrench (with a pin or hook) is used to tighten & loosen threaded collars, faucets, retainer rings, pipes & shafts mounted on the cutting disc.

Standards and Approvals:

  • Allpax AX1400 top cutting discs are manufactured in accordance with OSHA standards to ensure maximum user safety and optimum gasket performance.


While disengaging worn-out cutting disc lever, use a spanner wrench and place it into corresponding holes in the top cutting disc. The top cutting disc is loosened by holding the spanner wrench and turning the crank handle counter-clockwise. It can be necessary to give the crank handle a sharp blow with the palm of your hand to loosen the cutting disc. Place Allpax AX1400 sharpened cutting disc onto the top shaft and tighten it by holding with the spanner wrench and turning the crank handle clockwise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the best gasket material for oil?

A. Nitrile (Buna N) rubber gaskets provide superior oil resistance and can be employed for a variety of refined oils. Nitrile is the most commonly used material for sealing oil.

Q. Which of these is better - cork or rubber gaskets?

A. Both cork and rubber provide the best solution but will leak in a matter of time. It all depends on how well you place the gasket.

Q. How to decide which type of gasket cutter is suitable for my application?

A. Portable, extension-style gasket cutters are lightweight and have a compact nature that makes them ideal for gasket fabrication & shaping in the field. These gasket cutters are usually preferred for cutting non-metallic or non-rigid gasket materials. Whereas rotary-style gasket cutters are heavy tools that are mounted in a vise, clamped in an upright position or bolted to a workbench. These units are ideal for a fixed location and are usually preferred for forging more metallic or rigid materials, as well as irregular, flange shaped gaskets.

Q.What are the 5 most common gasket materials used?

A.Gaskets are usually manufactured from a flat material, such as metal, cork, felt, neoprene, paper, rubber; silicone, nitrile rubber, fibreglass and polytetrafluoroethylene.

Q. What are the different types of gaskets?

A. There are, basically, three types of gaskets employed to make the mating part of the container leak proof:

  • Non metallic gasket.
  • Metallic gasket.
  • Composite gasket.

Q.What is the difference between metallic and non metallic gaskets?

A. As their name suggests, semi-metallic gaskets are constructed of both metal and non-metallic materials. The metallic gaskets provide strength and resiliency, whereas the non-metallic portion allows comfortable conforming and sealing.

Product Variants

ProductModelHeightDepthBody MaterialPrice
ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX1401 Non-Metallic Gasket Bottom Cutting Disc (M3) | AG8YBQ AX14011/4"1 3/5"Steel€53.26

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ALLPAX GASKET CUTTER SYSTEMS AX1400 Cutting Disc, Non Metallic Gasket
€88.59 /unit