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Carpet Tile 19-11/16 Inch Length Blue Pk 20
Item: AG2EGH
Model: 31HL70
€266.15 /pack
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Contact Mat Trim Kit, Aluminum

Contact Mat Trim Kit, Aluminum

Item: CV7QUY
Model: 2010-0080
€185.18 /unit
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Inside Corner, Impact Resistant, Almond
Item: CE9ZFG
Model: 6CIS920N
€28.13 /unit
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Inside Outside Corner, Windsor Blue, Impact Resistant
Item: CT7NCV
Model: IOC-557-0-265
€24.92 /unit
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Left Hand End Cap, Impact Resistant, Cappuccino
Item: CE9YKW
Model: HRB20CAPL479N
€51.45 /unit
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Left Handrail Return, Impact Resistant, Amber Cherry
Item: CE9YKE
Model: 6CCAPL373N
€37.50 /unit
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Left Handrail Return, Ivory
Item: CT7MWV
Model: BRL-1225-0-2
€17.50 /unit
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Outside Corner, Impact Resistant, Ozark
Item: CE9UGF
Model: SCR48OS314N
€31.70 /unit
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Right Handrail Return, Champagne, Impact Resistant
Item: CT7MYH
Model: BRR-535-0-313
€41.29 /unit
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Right Handrail Return, Eggshell, Impact Resistant
Item: CT7MYT
Model: BRR-425V-0-370
€53.29 /unit
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Right Handrail Return, Impact Resistant, Eggshell
Item: CE9PVF
Model: 6CCAPR100N
€21.49 /unit
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Right Handrail Return, Linen White, Impact Resistant
Item: CT7MZG
Model: BRR-535S-0-301
€93.38 /unit
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Flooring encompasses materials and accessories that contribute to the functionality and aesthetics of a space. Carpet tile is a versatile flooring option consisting of individual tiles that can be easily installed, replaced and reconfigured. Carpet / rug / mat accessories include items, such as carpet tape, rug pads and mat holders, that enhance stability and longevity. Wall and hand rail accessories comprise a wide range of components to support and enhance wall and hand rail installations, offering durability and aesthetics. Wall base, also known as baseboard or cove base, is a protective and decorative element installed at the bottom of walls, providing a clean transition between the floor and wall surfaces while safeguarding against scuffs and impacts.

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