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Angled Spring Pull, 45 deg. Bent
Item: AP3CBB
Model: 49-8251
€17.09 /unit
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Centering Pin

Centering Pin

Item: CF4RRU
Model: 14798
€33.60 /unit
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Connector Removal Tool Kit 3 Pc
Item: AC3FCP
Model: KR-260
€276.37 /unit
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Dsl Wrap Unwrap Tool
Item: AF6REM
Model: WDUD-26DS
€149.17 /unit
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Insertion Tool Ic 24 To 28 Pins
Item: AD3NAC
Model: MOS-2428
€35.42 /unit
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Magnetic Fixtures, Thin
Item: CE8EUG
Model: SHHA-1
€515.45 /unit
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Manual Wire Wrap Tool 20 Awg
Item: AC3GBE
Model: HW-20
€118.19 /unit
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Side Align Horizontal Move Kit
Item: CE8EUK
Model: SAS-A3
€1,523.45 /unit
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Spring Adjuster Push/Pull, 6 1/2 Inch
Item: CE2FXJ
Model: 51-1861
€2.96 /unit
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Spring Positioner Set, 4 Pc., Hook/Lifter, Heavy Push, Heavy Pull
Item: CE2GUK
Model: 58-7594
€20.26 /unit
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Wire Loop Puller Aluminium 15 Iin L Red
Item: AB7RLU
Model: JIC-2257M-12
€83.36 /unit
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Wire Wrapping Bit 24 - 26 Awg
Item: AF7RLA
Model: KB-DF2426
€101.61 /unit
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Communications Tools

Communications tools are ideal for telephone and cable installations. They include alignment tools, connector tools, IC insertion and extraction tools, wire wrap & unwrap tools and accessories. These alignment tools provide accurate, up-to-the-mark and efficient communication and offer quick connection and removal of cables. They are suitable to install the F and BNC coaxial cables swiftly and are used on building boards for phone circuits to fold / undo circuit wiring quickly.

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