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  • Breathers and Vents

    AV100, FV100 and PRV100 Series vents designed to remove excessive pressure from gearboxes and avoid dust and moisture from entering the reservoir / gearbox. Available in steel & aluminium bodies

  • Flow Sights

    Nylon ball, wide view and double window flow sights used in sealed lubrication systems to determine fluid flow, clarity, colour and condition. Have a brass body, Buna-N seals and a borosilicate glass sight window

About Lube

The brand's extensive product line includes oilers and reservoirs, solenoid air control valves, inline filters and return flanges. LDI oilers and reservoirs dispense oil or other lubricants, in a drip or stream, directly to the machine parts, like bearings, gears and shafts, for precise lubrication. The company also offers an inline filter used in liquid lines where dirt or particles could cause clogging. This filter also features an inline cap that can be removed to clean the filter without dismantling the unit from the line. LDI's moulded plastic repeat cycle timer is used in PMP100 (precision metering pump) that actuates all feeds (oil & gas) at the same time by activating a 3-way normally closed air solenoid valve. It includes an 8-pin mounting base, an adjustable off-time range of 0.1 - 10.1 minutes and a maximum operating temperature of 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

Major Trade Names

Lube Competitive Advantages

Des-Case Desiccant Breathers

LDI Des-Case's breathers use a hygroscopic agent (silica gel) for eliminating moisture and particulate contamination in industrial equipment reservoirs like hydraulic tanks and gear boxes. They feature a unique filtration design that creates low relative humidity levels in the headspace to make condensation and adsorption by the lubricant almost impossible. They include a patented polyester fabric filter, allowing clean, dry air to enter the system and are available in three sizes (DC2, DC3 and DC4) to accommodate different mounting space requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of air flow design in Des-Case breathers?

The patented air flow design of the breather produces a partial regeneration of the hygroscopic agent (silica gel) and a backflushing (cleaning) of the particulate filter when the air leaves the reservoir.

What is the use of an access cover?

An access cover (cleanout cover) is designed to quickly access a dry reservoir for cleaning, inspection or mounting components.

What are flow sights?

LDI's inline flow sights can be used in either vertical or horizontal lines to indicate fluid flow, clarity or condition of the medium. It is supplied with a ball float that aids observation of the flow of dark fluids or fluids in dimly lit conditions.

What is the role of a breather in an LDI Industries atmospheric breathing lubricant reservoir?

A desiccant breather prevents moisture and particulate contamination in the reservoir. It absorbs moisture from incoming air and filters out contaminants, ensuring that the lubricant remains clean and free of harmful particles, which can extend the life of your equipment.

Can we monitor grease level in an LDI Industries grease reservoir?

LDI MP 200 Series metering pumps include a 40-micron air filter vent to minimise contamination and a comprehensive 360-degree visual window, facilitating easy monitoring of the grease level.