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Adapter, Central Lubrication Fitting, M8 x 1 X 1/8 Inch NPT Size
Item: CD6UQF
Model: FA-1018
€8.09 /unit
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Grease Gun 10000 psi Clear
Item: AH9VYA
Model: 45CT46
€131.57 /unit
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Grease Gun Tube, Steel, Gray
Item: CD9UWY
Model: 332304
€72.13 /unit
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Grease Pump 4000 Psi 16 1/4 Inch
Item: AB6FZZ
Model: 21EM11
€392.57 /unit
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KG Oiler, Gravity Feed, 5 oz. Capacity, 1/8 Inch NPT, 2-5/8 Inch Size
Item: AK7KKZ
Model: 37015
€113.89 /unit
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Item: BG2DNX
Model: PT521231
€79.97 /unit
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This product can only be shipped in multiples of 3
Magnetic Base Manifold Super Kit
Item: AB6BNE
Model: 40480
€170.36 /unit
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Metric Oiler, 4oz., Stainless Steel
Item: CJ7ZVA
Model: 30213M
€397.38 /unit
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Mounting Bracket

Mounting Bracket

Item: CQ2KME
Model: 12123
€35.19 /unit
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Nozzle Flare 1 Inch - Pack Of 2
Item: AD2GBQ
Model: 41407
€13.60 /pack
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Oiler, 8 oz.

Oiler, 8 oz.

Item: CJ8CAJ
Model: 30028M
€101.63 /unit
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Streamliner DC Single Point Lubricator, Mobilith SHC 220, 30cc Capacity
Item: CD6VNP
Model: 33906
€91.13 /unit
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