Since 1958, JET Tools has been manufacturing reliable woodworking and metalworking machinery, as well as heavy-duty material handling equipment. Read More


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Finishing ToolsView all

  • Angle Grinders
  • Arbor Press

    Designed for staking, riveting, installing, removing and configuring bearings. Have a maximum load-bearing capacity of 5 tons

  • Belt Sanders
  • Belt/Disc Sanders

    CSA certified sanders with enclosed drums and guarded sanding belts that can operate at any angle. Designed for smoothening woods and plastics

  • Electric Hand Planers
  • Jointers

    Cast iron jointers used to prepare wood for further processes by flattening faces and squaring edges. Feature auto-set quick change knife system to replace blades quickly and easily

  • Metal Fabrication Machines
  • Metal Forming Machines

    Foot clamps and combination shear, brake and roll machines used for cutting, bending and folding various gauges of mild steel or other sheet metals to turn them into usable objects

  • Planer Accessories
  • Planers

    Planers / jointers featuring a large aluminium extruded fence with centred controls for quick adjustments. Have a compact benchtop design to fit comfortably in all kinds of spaces

  • Specialty Sanders

    Designed for small & large part grinding, deburring, chamfering and internal / external grinding. Can be used to polish or buff finished parts and grind small internal radius materials. Also perform intricate contouring of uniquely shaped parts.

Power Saws and AccessoriesView all

  • Band Saw Accessories

    Replacement ON / OFF rocker switches for Jet benchtop belt / disc sander (JSG-6DC)

  • Band Saw Blades
  • Band Saws

    Heavy-duty band saws having cast-iron frame construction for strength and reduced vibration. Widely used in woodworking industries to make curved or uneven cuts

  • Chop Saws and Cut-Off Machines

    Widely used in machine shops and fabrication industries to quickly and accurately cut thin metals such as aluminium and stainless steel. Feature flood coolant system to extend blade life

  • Circular Saw Blades

    Steel-tipped replacement blades for Jet F225 bench cold saw; used for cutting thin metal sheets. Available in 120 and 180 teeth variants

  • Scroll Saw Accessories
  • Scroll Saws
  • Table Saws

    Have a quick release riving knife and independent leaf blade guard for reduced kickback risk & safe operation. T-square design on a 10-inch XACTA cabinet saw with a 50-inch ripping capacity for improved accuracy, performance and safety.

Power DrillsView all

  • Drill Presses

    Floor mount / bench mount / radial / geared drill presses designed for drilling through metal / wood and drilling square holes. Have belt / geared head / spline drives and are supplied in different horsepower variants

  • Hammer Drill Accessories

    Includes heavy-duty stands for jet mill drills (Jet 350017 / 350018 / 350020) featuring an enclosed shelf

  • Magnetic Drill Presses
  • Milling and Drilling Machines

    Includes precision milling machines and mill drills with TEFC motors, power feeds and digital readouts. Widely used for drilling, boring and cutting workpieces and machining flat surfaces

About Jet Tools

JET Tools catalogue includes tools for sawing, turning, milling, drilling, grinding / finishing and forming metals & wooden surfaces / workpieces. The brand's Deluxe bandsaws feature a high-tension spring design for blade tensioning and upper & lower ball bearing guides to reduce friction for enhanced blade life. These JET woodworking tools come in an enclosed stand with a storage shelf & easy access door for safe storage of tools. The company also offers various clamps, drill presses, jointers, lathes, dust collectors and miter saws. JET engine lathes are used for cutting, drilling, knurling or turning applications. They are equipped with taper attachments, collet closers and digital readouts and are available in different voltage and power ratings to suit various turning operations and ensure precision.

Major Trade Names

XACTA Table Saws

JET Deluxe XACTA tables saws feature a quick-release riving knife and a push-button arbor lock to keep the operator safe and increase efficiency. These JET woodworking equipment have a Poly-V belt dri...Read more 

VOLT Series Variable Speed Electric Hoists

JET VOLT Series electric hoists feature a patented electronic variable speed technology for adjusting the lift speed of the application. They have an H4 duty rating to indicate that these JET power to...Read more 

Bench Hand Notchers

JET metal notchers are ideal for use in garage or sheet metal shops for notching any shearable material. They have a compact design for onsite use. Their heavy-duty cutting blade has a 90 degrees cutt...Read more 

Jet Tools Competitive Advantages

Parallel Clamps With Slide Glide Trigger

JET parallel clamps prevent damage and defects to workpieces by stabilising them and holding them together at 90 degrees with pressures up to 1000 lb. Their Precision-Rule measurement system offers a consistent setup & quick opening capacity identification. These parallel clamps feature an ergonomic SUMOGRIP handle with a soft grip for increased user comfort & torque and a Slide-Glide trigger for quick, easy & precise adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is JET Tools located?

JPW Industries, the parent company of JET Tools is located at La Vergne, Tennessee, USA.

How to properly maintain products from JET Tools?

Users should follow the maintenance, safety & operating instructions provided in a JET tool's manual. Maintenance instructions may include lubrication of moving parts, replacement steps of worn parts and tool cleaning procedures.

What are the uses of drill presses from JET Tools?

Drilling machines or drill presses in machine shops are primarily used for drilling holes by turning & advancing a rotary tool into a workpiece. However, when used with the proper tooling, they can perform multiple machining operations like tapping, counterboring, reaming, countersinking & spotfacing.

How to choose the correct TPI for the blade of a JET saw?

  • TPI (tooth per inch) of a saw blade varies with the thickness of the workpiece to be cut. The thinner the material, the finer (greater value) should be the pitch / TPI.
  • Higher TPI provides a smoother finish but has a slower pace.
  • Lower TPI offers faster cuts but produces rougher finishes.

Are the brand's products durable?

Yes, products from JET Tools are known for their durability and reliability. They are made of high-quality materials to last longer than their competitors.

What is the load capacity of the brand's arbor presses?

JET Tools' arbor presses can withstand loads ranging between 0.5 to 5 tons.

Where are JET Tools' band saws used?

The brand's band saws are widely used in the woodworking industry to make curved or uneven cuts.