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  • Anti-Vibration Gloves and Wraps

    Designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue while using power tools by absorbing vibrations. Fingerless, half and full finger styles available

  • Antistatic Gloves

    EN-certified gloves made of nylon / carbon fibre yarns designed for use in electrical and electronics industries to protect sensitive components from static electricity

  • Canvas Chore and Jersey Gloves

    Ideal for light material handling applications in warehouses, factories and garages. Provide comfort and protection against heat, cold, abrasions and cuts

  • Chemical Resistant Gloves

    Provide protection against a variety of chemicals with excellent abrasion, puncture and tear resistance. Ideal for use in aerospace, agriculture, automotive and chemical & food processing applications

  • Coated Gloves
  • Cold-Condition Gloves

    Widely used by carpenters, landscapers and ranch farmers, as well as in construction sites and warehouses. Feature a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating that retains flexibility at a wide range of temperature and provides excellent moisture resistance

  • Cut-Resistant Gloves

    Protect hands from cuts, abrasions, lacerations and punctures. Used during cutting / stamping metal sheets and installing ducts, as well as in facilities where workers encounter sharp items. Made of spun yarns and cut-resistant material that also ensures good form-fitting and breathability

  • Electrical Glove Accessories

    Insulated glove accessories, like electrical glove protectors and glove bags designed to maintain the gloves in optimum working condition and prolong the operational life cycle

  • Finger Cots

    Disposable cots meant to be worn on fingers and thumbs to protect workpieces from damage caused by contaminants and static electricity. Used to inspect and assemble components. Come with dispensers to accommodate them for easy access

  • Glove Holder Clips

    Help to attach gloves to a belt, backpack or tool bag and keep the gloves close, as well as prevent them from getting lost or falling out of pockets. Widely used by warehouse workers or maintenance personnel. Can also be used to hold towels, keys, and other small, light objects

  • Hand and Finger Guards

    Manufactured with cowhide leather for enhanced flexibility and touch. The unique design covers and shields hands from the palm to the back, thereby leaving the fingers free to move around

  • Heat Resistant Gloves

    Made of woven fibres ideal for high-heat applications. Feature a breathable and formfitting seamless knit design with a knit cuff to keep the glove in place and prevent the ingress of dirt and other contaminants

  • Inspection Gloves and Glove Liners

    Worn inside other gloves to add an extra layer of protection and increase the comfort, or offer a better fit. Also, absorb moisture and provide a layer of insulation to keep hands warm in cold working conditions

  • Knit Gloves

    Used to keep hands clean and prevent lacerations or abrasions in low-risk environments. Ideal for use in warehouses and docks, as well as during landscaping, light-duty assembly or automotive tasks

  • Leather Palm Gloves

    Integrated with a high-visibility backing and a reflective strip to increase the visibility in low-light conditions. Made of pigskin, a dense leather which softens with use, that withstands moisture without becoming stiff and provide better breathability than other leather formulations

  • Mechanics Gloves
  • Welding Gloves

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WorkwearView all

  • Aprons

    Comfortable and easy-to-clean denim aprons to protect work clothes from stains and damage. Feature serger edge seam, sewn-in straps and three pockets

  • Bib Overalls

    Polyester / nylon overalls for use in assembly lines, workshops and factories to resist mild acids, solvents and oil. Available in zipper, button and magnet closure variants

  • Chain Saw and Protective Chaps

    High-quality safety pants made of abrasion- and cut-resistant nylon to offer protection against chainsaws and other sharp objects. Available in different lengths and sizes

  • Cold Weather Headwear and Liners
  • Cut-Resistant Sleeves

About Condor

Condor is a European brand of personal protective equipment (PPE) used in chemical and material handling industries. The Condor catalogue includes different eye, face, head, hearing, respiratory, hand and fall protection products, as well as safety workwear and footwear. The temperature-, chemical- and cut-resistant gloves offered under the Condor Safety Gloves category exceed CE standards and are extensively used in aerospace, automotive, construction, metal fabrication and petrochemical industries. Condor also manufactures lightweight and scratch-resistant safety glasses to provide protection from impacts and optical radiations. Choose from a wide range of Condor protective gear, such as chemical-resistant coveralls, coated gloves, disposal gloves and welding gloves, in different sizes and material options, on Raptor Supplies.