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  • 5 X 20mm Glass and Ceramic Fuses

    Includes a wide range of IEC-compliant GDA, GDB, GDC, GMA, GMC and GMD Series Bussmann fuses. Available in fast-acting / time-delay fuse variants in glass and ceramic

  • ANL and ANN Limiter Fuses

    UL-recognised fast-acting and time-delay circuit protection devices with high-speed response to short-circuit currents. Available in different current interrupting rates

  • American Glass and Ceramic Fuses

    Includes indicating and non-indicating Eaton Bussmann fuses for small appliance circuits. Offered in single / dual elements and glass / ceramic variants with nickel-plated brass end caps

  • Automotive Fuses

    Indicating / non-indicating, plastic and glass body automotive fuses featuring enclosed elements to provide protection against shocks and corrosion. Available in bolt-on, blade and cylindrical body variants

  • British and IEC Fuses

    Low / medium voltage fuses used to provide overload and short-circuit protection. Feature ceramic / fibreglass construction and available in blade, cylindrical and bolt-on styles

  • Class CC Fuses

    Time-delay, AC current-limiting and rejection-type fuses with a melamine construction; used for protecting downstream components from damaging thermal and magnetic effects of short-circuits

  • Class D - Milk Bottle - Fuses

    Single and dual element fuses rated up to 100 amperes; used in various general industrial applications, such as power distribution and cable protection. Available in fast acting and time delay variants

  • Class G Fuses

    UL-listed ceramic / melamine current limiting devices used in branch circuits for protection against over-fusing. Available in time delay and fast acting variants

  • Class H Fuses

    High-temperature, slow-blow fuses that are useful in electrical equipment generating heat during normal operation. Available in knife blade and clip type termination variants.

  • Class J Fuses

    UL-listed and CSA-certified time-delay Class J fuses that can limit up to 600-volt AC current. Ideal for confined space applications because of their compact size

  • Class L Fuses

    UL-listed and CSA-certified KRP-CL, KLU, KRP-C and KTU Series fuses; used in AC power distribution systems and for non-inductive heating and lighting loads. Come in dual and single element types

  • Class RK1 Fuses

    Includes KTN-R, KTS-R, KWS-R, LPN-RK-SP, LPN-RK-SPI, LPS-RK-SP and LPS-RK-SPI Series fuses. Popularly called extreme current limiting fuses for effectively eliminating circuit damage

  • Class RK5 Fuses

    Includes indicating and non-indicating Bussmann RK5 fuses featuring a time-delay and current-limiting fuse to interrupt up to 200 KA current

  • Class T Fuses

    Fast acting fuses offering high current limitation with 200 kA of maximum interrupting rating. Feature a compact design for easy installation in electric heat circuits, load centres and meters

  • Fast Acting Midget Fuses

    Fast-acting and compact fuses with a quick response to overloads and short-circuits. Ideal for protection of non-inductive loads, such as resistive and lighting circuits

  • Forklift Limiter Fuses

    Includes bolt-on ALS Series fuses used to protect DC circuits in battery-operated systems and heavy-lifting machinery, such as fork lift trucks

  • Fuse Blocks

    Includes Bussmann fuse blocks with a maximum 700-volt power rating and an optional blown fuse indicator mechanism. Available for fuse series like FNQ, KLM, FNM, BAF and AGU

  • Fuse Clips

    Designed for holding or mounting fuses and creating a tight grip to prevent loosening of the fuse caused by vibrations or thermal expansion. Constructed of nickel-plated copper and facilitate excellent conductivity and corrosion / wear resistance. Available in 15 & 200 ampere (maximum) current ratings

  • Fuse Covers

    Uniquely designed covers ideal for use with open-style fuse blocks. Yellow indicating light (in selected models) to help troubleshoot the system and reduce downtime. Feature an easy trimming facility to fit over existing wiring and dead-front construction for preventing accidental contact

  • Fuse Holders

    Designed for mounting & holding the fuse onto electrical connection points for maintaining contact with the the circuit. Feature IP20 finger-safe construction for protection against electric shocks and 35 mm DIN-rail mounting style. Available in 1, 2 & 3 pole design options

  • Fuse Kits

    Fuse assortments equipped in a sturdy case for easy organisation and storing of the fuses, as well as withstand field impacts. Kits also include a lineman's pliers for stripping wires

  • Fuse Links

    Medium voltage fuse, fast acting and time delay cut out links used for providing overcurrent protection to distribution systems and equipment

  • Fuse Reducers

    UL-listed units allow low-current rated fuses to fit into high-rated fuse blocks, holders and disconnect switches. Compatible with Class H, K and R ferrules and blade fuses to facilitate a strong mechanical & electrical contact. Integrated with a dead-type front and an anti-shock function

  • High Speed Semiconductor Fuses

    Includes Bussmann high-speed fuses used in AC / DC drives, inverters and induction furnaces to protect power semiconductors

  • Medium Voltage Fuses

    Wide range of Class R-rated, E-rated, ABWNA, CAVH, JCL and JCW Series fuses with a maximum 15500 VAC power rating. Come with time-delay and fast-acting designs to handle overcurrent conditions in a cylindrical, bolt-on or hermetically sealed body style. Available in 1 to 450A fuse ratings

  • Plug Fuse Box Cover Units

    Used with standard electrical boxes for providing added overcurrent protection in small motor circuits. Compatible with fused receptacles, outlets and switches, as well as 2-1/4 inch handy electrical boxes accepting a standard current & voltage rating of 15A & 125V, respectively

  • Plug Fuses

    SL, T and TL Series time-delay and W Series fast acting plug fuses used for protecting electrical wiring in industrial motors and critical circuits. Offer effective protection against short-circuits and overloads

  • Solar Fuses

    Includes ceramic and fibreglass solar fuses used for interrupting low overcurrents associated with faulted photovoltaic systems

  • Specialty Fuses

    Includes CE-, UL-listed low voltage, telecom protection, medium voltage and capacitor fuses in cylindrical, bolt-on, blade and pin body styles

  • Time Delay Midget Fuses

    ROHS-compliant indicating and non-indicating time-delay midget fuses used in power electronic circuits with high inrush currents (motor and transformer loads)

Terminal BlocksView all

  • Power Distribution Blocks

    Ideal for distributing electrical circuitry from a single-point input source to multiple devices in the branch circuit system. Accept aluminium or copper wiring; prevent splicing and taping time for re-installation purposes. Available in 1, 2 and 3 pole variants

  • Terminal Block Accessories

    Includes UL-listed end brackets, covers, insertion bridges and partition plates. Used with different terminal blocks available in single- and double-bridge shaft systems for maximum power distribution flexibility

  • Wire Terminal Blocks

    Used to provide a single connection point in control panels to connect wires to ground or to connect electrical switches and outlets to the mains supply. Available in screw clamp and spring clamp connection types

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  • Circuit Breaker Accessories

    Used to enhance the functionality and performance of circuit breakers while handling overcurrent & short-circuits. Base, blocks and bridges available.

  • Circuit Protection Devices

    1- / 2- / 3-pole thermal-magnetic circuit protectors used to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent. Feature load- and line-side box lugs to provide easy track-mounting and have a maximum current interrupting rate of 200 kAIC

Voltage RegulationView all

  • Hardwire Surge Protection Devices

    NEMA 4X / 3R / IP20 enclosed surge protection devices used to protect electronic equipment from power line surges without the need for plug-in devices

  • UPS and Surge Suppression Device Accessories

    Replacement surge modules used with Bussmann DIN rail mount surge protection devices (SPD). Feature a snap-in design for quick installation & easy removal with the integral release button. Come integrated with mechanical coding on the module & base for preventing installation of the incorrect unit

About Bussmann

Bussmann's extensive catalogue includes glass / ceramic fuses, semiconductor fuses, fuse blocks (1 / 2 / 3 phase), midget fuses, speciality fuses and fuse holders. The brand's glass & ceramic fuses provide overcurrent protection to electronic circuits. These 5 x 20 mm fuses feature ceramic tube & nickel-plated brass endcap construction, offering a maximum interrupting capacity of 10kA at 125VAC. They are available in ampere ratings of 32 to 800mA & 1 to 15A and have a fast-acting / time-delay feature for controlling the protection speed. Bussmann finger-safe fuse holders (such as in-line and modular fuse holders) protect & hold fuses in sophisticated electronic equipment. These fuse holders feature IP20 finger-safe construction to ensure touch resistance & safety ratings up to 600VDC.

Things To Consider


These Bussmann fuses and products are small in size. They require careful packaging as some items might get damaged while shipping. Hence, these items are delivered by courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Optima Fuse Holder Modules

Bussmann Optima fuse holder modules are used to hold Class CC fuses. They are padlockable and have finger-safe terminals for user safety. These IP20 modular fuse holders feature a cam-action handle fo...Read more 

SurgePOD PRO Surge Protection Devices

Bussmann SurgePOD PRO Series surge protection devices protect high-end appliances & sensitive electronics from damages due to surges. They install on both loadside or lineside of a service entrance ov...Read more 

Bussmann Competitive Advantages

CUBEFuse protection

Bussmann Low-Peak Series CUBEFuses feature the smallest footprint, compared with other fuses like Class J, CC or RK fuses. They need up to 70% less space when used with their unique fuse holders or UL 98 listed compact circuit protector switches.

Limitron Advanced Protection Fuses

Eaton Bussmann Series Limitron fuses provide 10 times better short-circuit protection, on an average, for preventing any damage to connected equipment than standard circuit breakers or fuses. They are available in both time-delay & fast-acting options for either delaying the protection or quickly arresting the current.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the different LED colours mean in Bussmann SurgePOD PRO Series surge protection devices?

  • Green colour means that the device circuit is protected & is in energised condition.
  • Red colour may mean that the device needs to be replaced as the connected circuit is unprotected but in energised condition.
  • AN unlit LED means that the connected circuit is de-energised or that the unit's lead connections are not proper. The unit may require a replacement.
  • Users should remember that the easyID LED status indicator illuminates only when the unit is properly installed and the connected system or equipment is energised.

Are Bussmann products certified?

Yes, Bussmann products are certified by various organisations, including UL, CSA and CE.

What are the uses of Bussmann SAMI fuse covers?

Bussmann SAMI (Safety And Maintenance Improvement) fuse covers shield a fuse mounted inside an open-style block to improve electrical safety.

Where are Bussmann fuse pullers used?

Bussmann fuse pullers are ideal for safely extracting fuses from fuse holders & blocks. Users should use these fuse pullers only when the connected circuit is de-energised.

What is the difference between time-delay midget fuses and fast-acting midget fuses?

Time-delay midget fuses offer a delayed response to overcurrents, making them suitable for applications where brief current surges are expected, while fast-acting midget fuses respond rapidly to overcurrents, offering precise protection against short circuits and sensitive electronic components.

What is the difference between Bussmann ANL and ANN limiter fuses?

ANL fuses are used for high-current automotive and marine audio systems, while ANN fuses protect low-power control circuits in industrial panels. ANL fuses have higher current ratings and larger sizes, whereas ANN fuses are smaller and meant for lower current applications.

What is the significance of Bussmann fuse clips?

Bussmann fuse clips are used to securely hold and electrically connect fuses in circuits. They protect against overcurrent by ensuring proper electrical contact and allow for easy replacement of blown fuses.