TRIM LOK INC X113BT-500 Rubber Seal Ribbed 0.38 Inch Width 500 Feet | AA2BYX 10D178

TRIM LOK INC X113BT-500 Rubber Seal Ribbed 0.38 Inch Width 500 Feet

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Item: AA2BYX Model: X113BT-500Cross Ref: 10D178

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€582.80 /unit
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Product Specifications:

ItemFoam Rubber Seal Adhesive
Backing TypeFoam Acrylic
MaterialEPDM Closed Cell Sponge
Overall Height0.187"
Overall Width0.375"
StyleMulti-Ribbed Rectangle

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 4.05
Ship height (cm)16.51
Ship length (cm)53.34
Ship width (cm)53.34
HS code4016100000
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Trim Lok Inc X113BT-500 sponge rubber seal is designed to seal out moisture & debris, create a finished look and protect against rough edges.


  • It is composed of EPDM foam rubber to dampen noise & vibrations, and protect vehicles / boats / facilities from outside elements.
  • It offers excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, low temperature and compression set, thus allowing installation in all kinds of settings.
  • This ribbed seal features a BT (Bonded Tape) adhesive back that creates a moisture barrier and air-tight seal, allowing excellent performance at temperatures up to 158 degrees F.
  • The adhesive has high peel & sheer resistance and can withstand high loads of stress & force, without causing any damage to the rubber seal.

Standards and Approvals:

  • UL50
  • FMVSS 302

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the advantage of ribs in the rubber seal?

A. The rubber seal has specially designed ribs (channels) to absorb water or flex with the substrate as it moves, thereby keeping the area dry.

Q. How is the adhesive used in the rubber seal?

A. The BT adhesive has a low initial tack for allowing easy re-positioning during installation and requires 72 hours of cure time to come to full bond strength.

Q. Where are these seals used?

A. These rubber seals are commonly used in the automotive and marine industries for sealing and providing a finished edge, and in the power generation industry to provide a secure seal to electrical boxes.

Product Variants

ProductModelBacking TypeLengthOverall HeightOverall WidthStylePrice
TRIM LOK INC X103HT-25 Rubber Seal Ribbed .063 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BXQ 10D149 X103HT-25Pressure Sensitive25ft.0.375"0.625"Multi-Ribbed Rectangle€30.17
TRIM LOK INC X103HT-100 Rubber Seal Ribbed .063 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BXR 10D150 X103HT-100Pressure Sensitive100ft.0.375"0.625"Multi-Ribbed Rectangle€102.36
TRIM LOK INC X103BT-25 Rubber Seal Ribbed 0.63 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BXU 10D152 X103BT-25Foam Acrylic25ft.0.375"0.625"Multi-Ribbed Rectangle€53.14
TRIM LOK INC X103BT-100 Rubber Seal Ribbed 0.63 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BXV 10D153 X103BT-100Foam Acrylic100ft.0.375"0.625"Multi-Ribbed Rectangle€178.74
TRIM LOK INC X103BT-500 Rubber Seal Ribbed 0.63 Inch Width 500 Feet | AA2BXW 10D154 X103BT-500Foam Acrylic500ft.0.375"0.625"Multi-Ribbed Rectangle€847.57
TRIM LOK INC X113HT-25 Rubber Seal Ribbed 0.375 Inch Width 25 Feet | AA2BYR 10D173 X113HT-25Pressure Sensitive25ft.0.188"0.375"Multi-Ribbed Rectangle€18.70
TRIM LOK INC X113HT-100 Rubber Seal Ribbed 0.38 Inch Width 100 Feet | AA2BYT 10D174 X113HT-100Pressure Sensitive100ft.0.187"0.375"Multi-Ribbed Rectangle€52.68

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TRIM LOK INC X113BT-500 Rubber Seal Ribbed 0.38 Inch Width 500 Feet
€582.80 /unit