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ENGINEERS BLACK BOOK EBB3METRIC Engineers Black Book, 3rd Edition, Metric Type, Pocket Size | CD4RDN

Engineers Black Book, 3rd Edition, Metric Type, Pocket Size

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Product Specifications:

ItemEngineers Black Book, Metric Edition
Number of Pages234
TypePocket Reference Book

Shipping Info:

Ship weight (kg) 0.23
Ship height (cm)16.59
Ship length (cm)1.4
Ship width (cm)10.8
Country of OriginUS

Product Details:

Engineers Black Book manufactures various guidebooks / reference books for use by trainees, apprentices, machinists, tradesmen, students, engineers, designers & sheet metal workers in manufacturing and metalworking industries.
Engineers Black Book 3rd edition, EBB3METRIC is a technical engineering resource book that contains reference sheets, formulae, data sheets, common conversion factors & information regarding various industrial / engineering processes, materials and tools. This pocket sized engineers black book 3rd edition fits easily into pockets, tool boxes or glove boxes of users and can be carried around using only one hand. Engineers Black Book 3rd edition, EBB3METRIC contains information in an easy-to-read & user-friendly format on specially designed papers. Engineers Black Book 3rd edition guide's pages feature a clear synthetic coating that ensures durability & tear-resistance and protects the pages from grease, dust or wear due to harsh usage. This machinist black book's pages are also glare free for easy readability even in bright environments. Engineers Black Book 3rd edition guide is equipped with a WIRE-O binding system for offering users an unassisted lay flat reading experience at any location, such as a workbench or truck hood. This allows users to start their work and not continue to hold the reference guide like the traditionally bound guides with the spring close system. Engineers Black Book 3rd edition comes as a ready to use reference book from the brand's manufacturing facility. It is comprised of 234 matt laminated pages with a cover for better handling & grip.
Raptor Supplies also offers this pocket-sized, english Engineers Black Book 3rd edition metric type in large size, in Spanish language and in imperial (inch) units for a user's ease of understanding. We also deliver a fasteners black book to provide information about ISO and DIN fasteners, their reference tables, thread pitch identification charts, fastener glossary and conversion factors.


Engineers Black Book 3rd edition metric type is used as a reference guide or manual for commonly used engineering terms & data by designers, engineers, machinists in machine shops, tool rooms, fabricating shops and technical colleges. This Engineers Black Book 3rd Edition metric offers an excellent information supplement on reamer & drill bit types, taper pins, T-slot sizing, counterboring / sinking, keyways & keyseats and woodruff keys; retaining rings groove sizes (internal and external), O-ring sizes, flange sizing, common workshop metals, adhesives types & joints, bearings and more.


  • EBB3METRIC Engineers Black Book 3rd Edition helps apprentices, trainees, tradesmen & machinists in finding find basic information of engineering terms, units and operating concepts for completing a specific task or set of tasks.
  • Engineers Black Book 3rd Edition, EBB3METRIC is the updated version of the 2nd Edition of Engineers Black Book (Inch) in english language.
  • Engineers Black Book 3rd Edition has metric conversions of up-to-date, useful, information. It has inch data in blue and metric (mm) data in red for easy understanding.
  • It has a height of 166 mm and width of 108 mm for fitting into pockets & other compact spaces easily and carried around for referencing at any location.
  • Engineers Black Book 3rd Edition is integrated with WIRE-O binding system for enabling users to lay the guide fully flat and read it fully without any information getting missed due to it being near the book's spine.
  • It has grease resistant pages that can be wiped clean easily without stain. They are also tear resistant for durability in despite harsh usage.
  • The Engineers Black Book 3rd Edition's each page surface also has anti glare properties for easy reading in brightly lit or sunny conditions.
  • Engineers Black Book 3rd Edition contains information and data regarding engineering formulae, surface coatings, equivalent charts, tapping drill sizes, sheet metal & wire gages, weights of metals, conversion factors, speeds & feed and much more.

Compatible Accessories:

  • Drill Point Sharpening Gage: Raptor Supplies can deliver a drill point sharpening gage for checking the drill point during the sharpening operation of twist drills. It is also used to match desired drill tip angle for drilling diverse kinds of materials. Drill point sharpening gage is available with Engineers Black Book 3rd edition metric type when purchased separately.
  • Self-Adhesive Bookmarking Tabs: Engineers Black Book 3rd edition, EBB3METRIC includes a set of self adhesive bookmarking tabs for keeping track of the pages opened while working on a project.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Engineers Black Book brand offer other referencing material?

A. Yes, the brand also provides various HOT SHEETS (simple format reference tools) that offer a quick reference to the engineering information. These HOT SHEETS are single-page laminated information papers that contain the information extracted from the Engineers Black Books. These HOT SHEETS have content printed on both sides of the paper and are laminated as well.

Q. What are the uses of machinery handbooks?

A. Machinery handbooks are designed for drafting rooms and machine shops. These reference books are used in mechanical engineering by workshop mechanics, mechanical engineers, toolmakers, draftsmen, trainees and machinists.

Q. Are these engineering black books tear resistant?

A.Yes, Engineers Black Books are typically wear & tear resistant. They come with a clear protective coating that protects the pages from tearing and highly abrasive industrial conditions. This barrier protection feature makes sure that the books can be used & kept in toolboxes, factory floors and hard workshop environments prone to fluid spills and greasy conditions.

Q. What are engineering reference guides?

A. Engineering referencing guides or handbooks like Engineers Black Books are helping books employed by engineers, machinists and fabricators for referencing engineering formulae, processes and methods. These compact engineering black books contain information relating to electrical principles and connections, data sheets, engineering conversion factors and formulae.

Product Variants

ENGINEERS BLACK BOOK EBB3INCH Engineers Black Book, 3rd Edition, Inch Type, English, Pocket Size | CD4RDJ EBB3INCHPocket Reference BookEnglish6.53"€31.50
ENGINEERS BLACK BOOK EBB3INCH-L Engineers Black Book, 3rd Edition, Inch Type, Large Size | CD4RDK EBB3INCH-LLarge Reference BookEnglish9.75"€42.00
ENGINEERS BLACK BOOK EBB-USA-ESP Engineers Black Book, 2nd Edition, Inch Type, Spanish, Pocket Size, USA | CD4RDL EBB-USA-ESPPocket Reference BookSpanish6.53"€26.18
ENGINEERS BLACK BOOK EBB3METRIC-L Engineers Black Book, 3rd Edition, Metric Type, English, Large Size | CE6MZF EBB3METRIC-LLarge Reference BookEnglish10"€42.00

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Engineers Black Book, 3rd Edition, Metric Type, Pocket Size
€31.50 /unit