OETIKER 159 Series Adjustable Clamps, Stainless Steel Band

Who would have known holding cables or materials of similar sizes together could be so complicated? This is where hose clamps come into use. If you are looking for hose clamps that are ideal for securing hoses, dryer vents, pipes, cables, tubes, fuel lines etc., then Oetiker 159 Series adjustab...le hose clamps are the right choice for you.Read more

Band Material: Stainless Steel, Material no. 1.4301/UNS S30400 , Band Thickness: 0.031" , Ear Width: 8.5 mm
StyleModelSize RangeLock TypeBand WidthPack SizePkg. Qty.Price
25 mm to 50 mmOutside Interlock0.27"100100€46.58
25 mm to 50 mmInside Interlock0.27"100100€46.58
40 mm to 110 mmInside Interlock0.27"100100€129.05
40 mm to 110 mmOutside Interlock0.27"100100€63.76

159 Series Adjustable Clamps, Stainless Steel Band

What are adjustable hose clamps?
Adjustable hose clamps are useful for attaching a hose to a fitting / nipple so that the liquid inside the hose can successfully move from one area to another, without spilling or leaking. These small, circular clamps are made from aluminium or similar thin metals, and can be tightened with a small screw. They can also be used as optional tools for cable ties or duct tape.
Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps are incorporated with Connecting technology, making them ideal for soft materials. These clamps allow a veriety of engagement positions and can be adjusted to several nominal diameters. These ear clamps are designed for simple and fast installation. The visible deformation of the ear provides evidence of proper closure while connecting PEX tubing to plastic fittings in coffee & vending machines. Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps feature burr-free edges to reduce the risk of damage to parts being clamped. These clamps form a uniform seal by maintaining their shape when installed. They feature an inner ring with radial guidance for providing all round sealing.


Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps can be attached to a hose fitting such as a nipple or barb, to seal and stabilise hose configuration. They stop fluid from leaking or spilling. These adjustable ear clamps are suitable for clamping hoses in agricultural, automobile, heating & cooling applications, and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Working Mechanism

How do you use Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps?

  • Measure the outer diameter of the hose mounted on an attachment, such as a nipple. Choose a clamp which has an average diameter range slightly below the value of the measured outer diameter.
  • Place the clamp over the clamping location on the hose and securely close it using the mechanical interlock.
  • To seal the clamp perfectly, use a constant force tool jaw or pincer to crimp across the clamp ear width & reduce clamp diameter.
  • Tools such as side, rotating or bowl nose cutters can be used to remove the clamp without damaging the hose or other connecting tools.


  • Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps feature a flexible design that allows adjustment to several nominal diameters.
  • They come with an inner ring having radial guidance to provide effective all around sealing.
  • These units offer simple & fast assembly and feature a visible deformation that provides evidence of proper closure.
  • Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps have burr free strip edges that ensure reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped.
  • The Connecting technology makes Oetiker 159 Series clamps ideal for soft materials.

Compatible Accessories

  • HMK 01 Manual Pliers: These pliers are used in conjunction with Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps and have a straight clamping jaw for operation.
  • HO 3000 ME Pneumatic Ear Clamp Pincers: These pneumatic pincer systems allow uniform installation of Oetiker 159 Series ear clamps. These pincers provide optimum closing force for crimping clamp ears & tightening clamps around hoses. They are suitable for squeezing force of approximately 3000 N.
  • CP 01 Cordless Clamp Pincers: These cordless clamp pincers have a lightweight & ergonomic design for free motion during clamp assembly. They offer unrestricted operation at any location.

Standards and Approvals

Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps are manufactured in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9227 international standards for corrosion resistance & durability. To ensure environmental health and superior performance of the clamps, these adjustable clamps and related accessories are certified to meet standards such as IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.


  • A tab formed on the inner side of Oetiker 159 Series adjustable clamps locates in a slot on the outer surface of the band.
  • The tab slides into the aforementioned slot during assembly and closure, avoiding any steps around the inner circumference of the clamp.
  • Note: Oetiker 159 Series clamps are supplied flat. The clamp must be shaped prior to assembly. Each incremental step of the interlock reduces the diameter before closure by approximately 1.6 mm.

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