OETIKER 153 Series 1 Ear Clamps, Stainless Steel

If you're looking for a clamp for fastening flexible hoses or tubing to a connection where a permanent joint is required, look no further. Ear clamps designed by Oetiker are suitable for compressed air lines, fluid media lines and electrical & electronic components. You can choose from a wide v...ariety of form fitting, single ear clamps from Oetiker's 153 Series clamps.Read more

Band Material: Stainless Steel, Material no. 1.4301/UNS S30400
StyleModelSize RangeBand WidthSize ReferenceEar WidthPack SizePkg. Qty.Price
2.9 mm to 3.3 mm0.27"3.31.4 mm100100€46.58
3 mm to 3.5 mm0.27"3.51.4 mm100100€93.93
3.3 mm to 4.1 mm0.27"4.12.5 mm100100€46.58
3.7 mm - 4.6 mm0.27"4.64 mm100100-
3.7 mm to 4.6 mm0.27"4.63 mm100100€84.76
4.1 mm to 5.1 mm0.27"5.13.2 mm100100€122.18
4.6 mm - 5.6 mm0.27"5.64 mm100100-
4.6 mm to 5.6 mm0.27"5.63.2 mm100100€124.09
5.1 mm to 6.1 mm0.27"6.13.2 mm100100€122.18
5.6 mm to 6.6 mm0.27"6.63.2 mm100100€48.11
6.1 mm to 7 mm0.27"73 mm100100€48.11
6.5 mm to 7.5 mm0.27"7.53.5 mm100100€122.18
6.8 mm to 8 mm0.27"84 mm100100€48.11
7.5 mm to 8.7 mm0.27"8.74 mm100100€48.11
8.1 mm to 9.5 mm0.27"9.55 mm100100€50.78
8.5 mm to 10 mm0.27"105 mm100100€50.78
9.1 mm to 10.5 mm0.27"10.55 mm100100€50.78
9.3 mm to 11 mm0.27"115.5 mm100100€50.78
9.6 mm to 11.3 mm0.27"11.35.5 mm100100€122.18
10.1 mm to 11.8 mm0.27"11.85.5 mm100100€50.78
10.1 mm to 12 mm0.27"126.5 mm100100€122.18
10.3 mm to 12.3 mm0.27"12.36.5 mm100100€50.78
10.8 mm to 12.8 mm0.27"12.86.5 mm100100€54.22
11.3 mm to 13.3 mm0.27"13.36.5 mm100100€122.18
11.8 mm to 13.8 mm0.27"13.86.5 mm100100€54.22
12 mm to 14 mm0.27"146.5 mm100100€56.51
12.5 mm to 14.5 mm0.27"14.56.5 mm100100€56.51
13.5 mm to 15.5 mm0.27"15.56.5 mm100100€71.02
13.8 mm to 16 mm0.27"167 mm100100€124.09
14.6 mm to 16.8 mm0.27"16.87 mm100100€76.36
15.3 mm to 17.5 mm0.27"17.57 mm100100€59.56

153 Series 1 Ear Clamps, Stainless Steel

What are Oetiker ear clamps?
Oetiker ear clamps are designed to connect a tube to a pipe or fitting (like a hose barb connection) without an adhesive. These non greased clamps are ideal for applications where leakage is a concern. By maintaining very low geometry, the closed ear increases clamping force and creates a spring effect when the hose material expands or contracts in response to thermal or mechanical influences such as temperature & vibration. These ear clamps are a great alternative to plastic securing clamps and zip ties.
Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps are made of stainless steel and are spot welded instead of using a mechanical interlock, to offer superior structural stability and corrosion resistance. Once the bands have been pinched around the hose, the clamps are placed over the end of the connecting hose, tightening the band around the hose & creating a secure fit. To ensure that you have a proper fit, make sure that the ear clamp size is only slightly larger than the hose size. There should be a difference of 0.4 mm between the inside diameter of the clip and the overall diameter of the tube & fitting. It is recommended to use a single ear clamp when space is limited, and a double ear clamp when there is enough space. These Oetiker stainless steel ear clamps are integrated with a mechanical interlock for keeping the clamps securely closed and preventing corrosion due to spot welding closure of the clamps. They have uniquely formed, burr free strip edges for reducing the risk of damage to hoses or other parts being clamped. Raptor Supplies offers these Oetiker ear clamps in sizes ranging from 2.9 to 17.5 inches.


Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps are used for fastening flexible hoses or tubing to a connection where a permanent joint is required. They are suitable for fuel line systems, air conveying pipes, airbags, water cooling / heating systems and low pressure hydraulic systems.

Working Mechanism

How do you use Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps?

  • Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps have a metal band with a protruding ear, the sides of which are forced together to tighten the ring around the hose.
  • The metal band is fitted around the hose that needs to be connected. If you don't do this first, you won't be able to introduce the clamp from the other end of the hose once the hose is attached.
  • When the clamp is on, the hose passes over the pipe or pipe fitting.
  • To ensure a snug fit and no gaps once the clamp is secured, the inside diameter of the hose should be close to the outside diameter of the pipe.
  • By using specialised pincers, the ear clamp tightens around the attached hose, forcing the sides together.
  • These pincers are available in a standard style that closes the clamp by being held parallel to the ear, and a side jaw style that closes the clamp by being held perpendicular to the ear. Using side jaw pincers, you can reach tight spaces that are difficult to reach with traditional pincers.
  • It is important to crimp Oetiker clamps with a single tool stroke only. If you crimp them more, the clamp might become damaged.


Why use Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps?

  • Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps are ideal for the automotive, hydraulic and oil & gas industries. They are used for connecting a hose to a pipe or fitting, like a hose barb connection.
  • These units are suitable for use with rubber hoses, plastic tubing, electrical cables and welding hoses.
  • By keeping the geometry of the closed ear low, the clamping force gets increased, which creates a spring effect when the hose expands or contracts due to thermal or mechanical influences such as temperature and vibration.
  • Clamp ears with a dimple compensate for component tolerances, provide adjustable surface pressure and enhance the clamping range, as compared to clamps with no indentations.
  • For a perfect seal, Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps must be closed correctly during installation.
  • These ear clamps are integrated with a mechanical interlock to keep them closed over a hose.
  • They have a single ear for exerting uniform compression.
  • They have a one piece design, without any movable parts, for tamper proof operation and robust & secure connections.
  • Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps feature surface technique treated edges for less risk of damage to the hose.
  • These clamps are ideal for small diameters (3.3 mm).
  • They offer fast and simple assembly, and have a visible deformation that provides evidence of proper closure.

Compatible Accessories

  • HMK 01 Manual Pliers: These pliers are used in conjunction with Oetiker 153 Series adjustable clamps and have a straight clamping jaw for operation.
  • HO 2000 / 3000 ME Pneumatic Ear Clamp Pincers: These pneumatic pincer systems allow uniform installation of Oetiker 153 Series ear clamps. These pincers provide optimum closing force for crimping clamp ears & tightening clamps around hoses. They are suitable for squeezing force of 2000 / 3000 N.
  • CP 01 Cordless Clamp Pincers: These cordless clamp pincers have a lightweight & ergonomic design for free motion during clamp assembly. They offer unrestricted operation at any location.

Standards and Approvals

  • Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps are manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9227 international standards for corrosion resistance and durability.
  • They also meet ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 standards for ensuring environmental health and defect-free operation.


  • Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps can be tightened around the attached hose using specialised pincers, which force the sides in on themselves.
  • Oetiker clamps should only be crimped with a single tool stroke. If users apply more force, they might damage the clamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove Oetiker 153 Series single ear clamps?

  • Turn off the water in the hose line and drain all the water from the hose.
  • Put on gloves.
  • Place the pincer clamp over the ear of the ear clamp and open the pincer jaws.
  • If you do not want to accidentally cut the pipe, you must ensure that the pincer jaws do not touch the hose.
  • Cut through the ear clamp's metal ear by slowly tightening the pincer jaws.
  • Carefully open the cut clamp and remove it from the hose.

How do you measure the size of ear clamps?

Measure the outer diameter of the hose after the hose is attached to the attaching component (for example, the nipple) and then determine the correct clamp diameter. In order to select the correct clamp, the value of the outer diameter must be slightly above the average value of the diameter range.

What types of Oetiker clamps does Raptor Supplies sell?

Raptor Supplies offers an extensive catalogue comprising Oetiker ear, screw, stepless ear, stepless screw & worm gear clamps. We also sell accessories such as straps, clamps, rings, connectors and assembly & disassembly tools from Oetiker.

How can users remove an Oetiker clamp?

Customers can use tools such as a side or bowl nose cutter to remove Oetiker clamps from hoses. It is not recommended to use rotating cutters as they can cause damage to the hose while cutting the clamp.

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