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Bench Squeegee Rubber Purple 10 inch
Item: AF6VAQ
Model: 71258
€35.18 /unit
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Floor Squeegee Black 18 In
Item: AB4MXM
Model: 1ZCA1
€19.40 /unit
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Floor Squeegee Red 20 Inch Length Foam Rubber
Item: AC3EJN
Model: 77534/29384
€125.02 /unit
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Mop Handle 54in. Aluminium Gray
Item: AB3KXA
Model: 1TYZ1
€30.98 /unit
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Mop Wet 16 Ounce Rayon
Item: AA7ZUV
Model: 16W226
€15.26 /unit
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Pail Lid Orange Polypropylene
Item: AA8KBB
Model: 56877
€24.14 /unit
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Squeegee Blade
Item: AH3GFR
Model: 31UK25
€90.29 /unit
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Squeegee Kit, Single Blade, 24 Inch Size, With Fibreglass Handle, 51 Inch Length, Red
Item: AF9NLX
Model: 71604/29364
€126.72 /unit
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Squeegee, Ultra Hygiene, 16 Inch Size, Black
Item: AF6VAZ
Model: 71409
€64.48 /unit
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Variable Height Pail Dispenser, 125 Lb. Capacity
Item: CE3EFB
Model: LLW-PAILD-100-PSS
€5,767.25 /unit
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Wet Mop Cotton #32

Wet Mop Cotton #32

Item: AE3BKB
Model: 7920-01-437-9811
€74.94 /unit
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Wipe And Shine Squeegee, 10 Inch Size, POM/SEBS
Item: CM7PLN
Model: 707752
€19.84 /unit
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