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5 Flint, Renewal
Item: CD4TRJ
Model: FL37
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Anti-blowback Hose, Ez Turn, 60 Inch Length, Yellow, 5/16 Inch Size
Item: CD4TNL
Model: EZM5Y
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Breakaway Screw

Breakaway Screw

Item: AG9TYR
Model: 3-09001
€31.55 /unit
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Cutting Torch Gooseneck, 550 Amp Spc
Item: CD8LWQ
Model: 555A-03T-HT-H
€938.66 /unit
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Cutting Torch Gooseneck, Tam Rack Mount, 507 Amp
Item: CD8LKR
Model: 507A-TRM-USP-H
€509.98 /unit
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Gas Diffuser, Long, 45 Deg Gas Hole
Item: CD8MJZ
Model: 75004033L-45
€8.61 /unit
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This product can only be shipped in multiples of 2
Magnetic Welding Square 3 3/8 x 2 9/16 x 1/2
Item: AC2RFY
Model: WS11094
€22.14 /unit
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Magnetic Welding Square 3-3/4 Inch x 3-3/4 Inch
Item: AG2EXC
Model: WS301
€30.82 /unit
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Plastic Welding Rod, PVC, Type 2, Round, 1/8 Inch x 735 ft, White, 5 lb
Item: CU7NMQ
Model: BULK-WR-PVC2-14
€156.10 /unit
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Plastic Welding Rod, UHMW Polyethylene, Triangular, 5/32 Inch x 1, 350 ft, Black, 15 lb
Item: CU7NPV
€507.62 /unit
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Protractor Welding Angle Magnetic 4-3/4 x 3-1/2
Item: AA2DWV
Model: 10E755
€20.78 /unit
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Thermoplastic Welding Rod, Round, 5/32 Inch x 48 Inch, Off-White, 1 lb, 54 Pack
Item: CU2LWM
Model: 900-14015
€31.71 /pack
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