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16X26 Crown Drum XT25 1/2 Herringbone Lagging
Item: BA9ARZ
Model: 228882
€1,381.78 /unit
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30X44 CR WI XT60 MD Wing Pulley
Item: BA4AGE
Model: 219900
€12,457.10 /unit
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36X54 CR WI XT35 MD Wing Pulley
Item: BA8TGJ
Model: 219933
€10,944.84 /unit
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6X20 Straight Drum XT25

6X20 Straight Drum XT25

Item: BA8UFV
Model: 232481
€374.03 /unit
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Classical V-Belt Sheave, Cast Iron, C Type Belt, 9 inch Datum Dia.
Item: BA2BJR
Model: 907C
€1,006.49 /unit
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Drum Pulley, Mine Duty, 20 Inch Outside Dia., MXT35 Bushing, 22 Inch Face Width, Steel
Item: BA2MXJ
Model: CMD20022X35
€1,928.14 /unit
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Drum Pulley, Quarry Duty, 16 Inch Outside Dia., 51 Inch Face Width, Steel
Item: BA2LFM
Model: CQD16051X40
€3,535.21 /unit
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Drum Pulley, Standard, 36 Inch O.D., 4 Inch Max Bore, 12 Inch Face Width, Steel
Item: BA4MMB
Model: CSD36012X40
€2,217.95 /unit
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Gearbelt Pulley, Rough Bore, Steel
Item: AK6CNK
Model: 1055474
€215.94 /unit
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Narrow V-Belt Sheave, Cast Iron, 3V Type Belt, 4.12 inch Datum Dia.
Item: AF2HTG
Model: 3V4121
€73.37 /unit
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V-Belt Sheave, Multiple, Bushed Bore, 5 Groove, Cast Iron
Item: BA4XRB
Model: 1011261
€624.18 /unit
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Wing Pulley, Mine Duty, 14 Inch Outside Dia., MXT35 Bushing, 38 Inch Face Width, Steel
Item: BA3JXV
Model: CMW14038X35
€3,299.18 /unit
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Sheaves and Pulleys

Sheaves and pulleys are wheels featuring grooved or flat edges to transmit rotational forces between shafts, when connected with a gearbelt or V-belt. Raptor Supplies offers these wheels from Browning, TB Woods and Lovejoy to power pumps, fans & conveyors. The idlers prevent belts from obstacles and maintain consistent tension to minimise slippage. The V-belt pulleys deliver high power transmission and are available with up to 12 grooves for locating the cables or belts.

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