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Blade-Style Digital Depth Gauge, 0-8 Inch/0 mm to 200 mm Range, IP67
Item: CT2BHU
Model: 4126523
€1,089.23 /unit
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Depth Gauge Extension Base, Compatible With Insize 1147, Stainless Steel
Item: CR4QEJ
Model: 6141-180
€58.14 /unit
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Digital Depth Gauge, 0-10 Inch/0 mm to 250 mm Range, IP67
Item: CU6KFX
Model: 00530442
€653.48 /unit
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Digital Depth Gauge, 0-14 Inch/0 mm to 350 mm Range, IP67
Item: CU6KGF
Model: 00530449
€799.35 /unit
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Digital Electronic Depth Gage Ss
Item: CT3UPX
Model: 5004BZ-20/500
€2,633.40 /unit
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End Of Line Resistor

End Of Line Resistor

Item: AA8ALT
Model: EOL47PK2
€13.45 /pack
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Gauge Pressure 2 Inch 30 inch Hg Vac to 0
Item: AH7HGR
Model: PEM1424LF
€14.75 /unit
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Line Test Gauge, 2-1/2 Inch Male Thread, Hardcoated Aluminium, NST Swivel Thread
Item: BX7ZRG
Model: ALTG250F
€289.46 /unit
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Metric Dial Gauge, 25mm Range, 57mm Dia., No Brake, Counter-Clockwise
Item: CL6JXE
Model: H-4465.25CC
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Vacuum Gauge, Digital, 2 x 1/4 Inch Size SAE, 0 to 20000 Microns
Item: CU6KNB
Model: 0560 5522 01
€376.92 /unit
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Refrigeration Test Equipment

Refrigeration test equipment are used to monitor HVAC lines for analysing the pressure & temperature levels using vacuum & micron gauges. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these test equipment from brands like Dixon, Honeywell, Yellow Jacket, Supco & more. The temperature meters ensure a safe ambient refrigerant temperature, before adding a new one as it travels through the system. Vacuum gauges feature a thermal conductivity sensor for maintaining the temperature inside the vacuum and an LCD screen to accurately display the readings. They are further equipped with a connection cord for providing fast data transfer rates. These gauges are powered by battery cells for a portable operation.

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