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Cordless Grass Shear, Bare Tool, 12 V, 6 5/16 Inch Blade Lg, 25/64 Inch Size
Item: CT2DMB
Model: MU04Z
€179.43 /unit
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Cordless String Tri mmer, Battery, 11-3/4 Inch, 59-1/2 Inch To 63-1/2 Inch Shaft Lg
Item: CT2DKN
Model: XRU13Z
€295.63 /unit
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Oil Pressure Switch, 8 PSI 1 Pole
Item: CP6KNR
Model: G099236
€49.32 /unit
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Removable Mower Deck

Removable Mower Deck

Item: CN9PGB
Model: MTD100
€114.52 /unit
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Safety Switch
Item: AA3WAG
Model: 430413
€14.14 /unit
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Silver Streak Trimmer Line 250 Feet
Item: AA3RCF
Model: 380810
€16.12 /unit
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String Tri mmer, Battery, 15 Inch, 54 Inch Shaft Length, Foldable, Not Gas Powered
Item: CP4CWQ
Model: ST1520S
€308.86 /unit
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String Tri mmer, Battery, 17 Inch, 59 Inch Shaft Length, Straight/Flex-Cable
Item: CP4BLR
Model: DSRM-2600UBT
€801.89 /unit
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String Tri mmer, High Performance
Item: CN9QMW
Model: GH3000
€153.42 /unit
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Tri mmer Line, 0.08 Inch Dia, 160 ft Length
Item: CP4BMA
Model: 321080060
€17.61 /unit
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Tri mmer Line, 0.094 Inch Dia, 1/16 ft Length, 5 PK
Item: CP4CWY
Model: AL2420P
€27.08 /pack
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Tri mmer Line, 0.105 Inch Dia, 217 ft Length
Item: CP4BMG
Model: 330105071
€31.99 /unit
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Mowers and Trimmers

Mowers and trimmers are tools used to tailor landscaping needs. Standard lawn mowers, brush cutters and field trimmers excel in managing dense vegetation and challenging terrains, making them ideal for clearing overgrown areas or maintaining large fields. String trimmers offer added versatility with various cutting attachments and extensions to reach tight spaces and achieve precise trimming results. Tractor accessories and trimmer accessories further expand the capabilities of these tools, providing customisation options for efficient and effective landscaping tasks.

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