Hose Bibs and Hydrants


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Anti-siphon Frost Proof Sillcock 10 In
Item: AA8YJD
Model: 1ATB4
€38.60 /unit
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Anti-siphon Frost Proof Sillcock 12 In
Item: AA8YJE
Model: 1ATB5
€31.71 /unit
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Anti-siphon Frost Proof Sillcock 6 In
Item: AA8YJC
Model: 1ATB2
€36.02 /unit
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Concealed Wall Hydrant, Inlet Size 3/4 Inch or 1 Inch, Wall Thickness 8 Inch
Item: AD8CRN
Model: HY-725-12
€887.29 /unit
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Exposed Wall Hydrant, 2-Way, Wall Hydrant Branding, 4 FNPT Inlet, 1 Pack
Item: BX7DXC
Model: DMOCA40225F
€623.38 /unit
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Frost Proof Yard Hydrant 4 Feet
Item: AE8BUM
Model: Y34-4
€313.45 /unit
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Hose Bibb No Kink Loose Key 3/4 Mpt
Item: AE9AKM
Model: 6GXC5
€16.98 /unit
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Hose Bibb Quarter Turn 1/2 Inch Brass
Item: AE9ZXL
Model: GGS-1WPV7
€13.01 /unit
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Hydrant Face Nut

Hydrant Face Nut

Item: AB7WNR
Model: 5810-PART07
€28.21 /unit
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No Kink Faucet, 1/2 Inch Inlet, 8.6 Bar Pressure
Item: BQ2BWU
Model: SC8-1
€110.40 /unit
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No Kink Faucet, 3/4 Inch Inlet, 8.6 Bar Pressure
Item: BQ2BWW
Model: SC8-2
€112.10 /unit
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Wall Hydrant, 1/2 Inch Inlet, 3/4 Inch Outlet, 12 Inch Thickness
Item: CC7EUE
Model: LFFHB-1-PEX 12
€112.16 /unit
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Hose Bibs and Hydrants

Hose bibs and hydrants are fixtures used to provide access to water outdoors for watering gardens, washing vehicles or firefighting. Hose bibs, also known as outdoor faucets or spigots, can be attached to the exterior of buildings and have a threaded outlet where a garden hose can be connected. Hydrants, on the other hand, are larger, standalone fixtures that are primarily used for firefighting purposes. Hose bibs and hydrants play vital roles in providing water resources for outdoor activities and emergencies, respectively.

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