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Adhesive, Pail, 5 Gallon Container Size, Materials Bonded Laminate, Wood
Item: CF2UCC
Model: 94ET
€618.06 /unit
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Carton Closing Glue Stick PK12
Item: AF8FXP
Model: 35413
€21.89 /pack
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Cement, Quart, CPVC

Cement, Quart, CPVC

Item: BY3CWM
Model: FS5-030
€99.73 /unit
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Cement, Yellow, Medium Body, 1/4 Pint
Item: BY3MYL
Model: ABS71Y-005
€9.30 /unit
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Drum Contact Adhesive, 50 Gallon, Neutral
Item: CF2JJC
Model: 2000NF
€1,180.52 /unit
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Foam Gun

Foam Gun

Item: CV4MEF
Model: 832706
€678.58 /pack
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Melt Glue Stick, 1 Inch Diameter, 3 Inch Length, 242 Pk
Item: CE9XTZ
Model: 3747
€1,183.74 /pack
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Poly Tubing Dispensers, 16 Inch Width, 24 Inch Height
Item: CP4GRV
Model: EP-5960-12
€375.81 /unit
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Poly Tubing Dispensers, 18 Inch Width, 80 Inch Height
Item: CP4GQA
Model: EP-745-60-72
€653.55 /unit
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PVC Cement, Clear, 1/2 Pint, PVC
Item: BY3NBR
Model: PVC02C-010
€11.40 /unit
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PVC Cement, Medium Body, Clear, 1/2 Pint, PVC
Item: BY3CWH
Model: PVC05C-010
€11.51 /unit
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Spray Adhesive, Tank, 419.2 Oz Container Size
Item: CE9FUY
Model: 94CA
€977.45 /unit
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