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Gear Sleeve, 1/2F Size
Item: BB7KRB
Model: G45FSSB
€1,081.32 /unit
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Hubless Spur Gear, Module m 2, 70 Teeth, 15 mm Bore Dia, Nylon, 20 Deg Pressure Angle
Item: CR6NPW
Model: PSA2-70
€217.14 /unit
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Idler Assembly, 2 Gears
Item: CH9PTB
Model: 023516
€115.40 /unit
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Miter Gear, Finished Bore, 20 Pressure Angle, 12 Pitch, Hardened Steel
Item: AZ6HCX
Model: 1228816
€251.62 /unit
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Rack Gear, 14 1/2 Deg. Pressure Angle, 3 Diametral Pitch, Steel
Item: AK3AYA
Model: L524-4
€1,382.07 /unit
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Spur Gear, 16 Diametral Pitch, 3.2 Inch Pitch Diameter, .375 Inch Stock Bore
Item: CL4DJD
Model: 20fs64
€77.07 /unit
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Spur Gear, 36 Inch Pitch Diameter, 2.937 Inch Stock Bore
Item: CL4DVL
Model: 2fs72
€12,152.51 /unit
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Spur Gear, Module M 1.5, 32 Teeth, 10 mm Bore Dia, Stainless Steel
Item: CR6PEF
Model: SUS1.5-32
€140.21 /unit
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Spur Gear, Plain Bore, 14.5 Pressure Angle, 12 Pitch, Steel
Item: AZ4XMB
Model: 1211481
€137.62 /unit
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Spur Gear, Plain Bore, 14.5 Pressure Angle, 6 Pitch, Cast Iron
Item: AK2ZAY
Model: 1212851
€1,395.84 /unit
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Worm Wheel, Reduction Ratio 60, Module m 1.5, Right Hand, 20 Deg Pressure Angle, Cast Iron
Item: CR6QBU
Model: CG1.5-60R1
€98.75 /unit
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Worm, 12 Diamteral Pitch, 14.5 Deg. Pressure Angle, Right Hand, Steel-Hardened
Item: AK2XCP
Model: H1056RH
€162.27 /unit
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