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300 Series Leg, SS, Welded, Assembly With Metal Bullet Feet
Item: CD7VRW
Model: K-493
€311.85 /unit
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Corner Bumpers

Corner Bumpers

Item: CD7NWW
Model: 9-SS-2
€187.28 /unit
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Corner Filler, Outside Corner, Fits 25 Inch D Left And 25 Inch D Right Units
Item: CD7XHG
Model: PRF-25-90OC
€937.27 /unit
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Lever Drain, All SS, 2 Inch
Item: CD7VQL
Model: K-40
€746.55 /unit
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Perforated Bottom Strainer Plate, Ss, Removable, Sits 1 Inch Above Bottom Of Sink
Item: CD7VUT
Model: K-610RF
€624.56 /unit
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Pre-Rinse Basket With Slide Bar, For 18 X 24 Inch D Fabricated Sink Bowls
Item: CD7RBC
Model: DTA-58
€676.96 /unit
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Removable Splash, Guard
Item: AU6ENX
Model: 751290-A
€2,955.33 /unit
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Replacement Ss H Legs

Replacement Ss H Legs

Item: CD7TVJ
Model: FC-SS-24
€236.25 /unit
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Scrap Block, Installed

Scrap Block, Installed

Item: CD7VRJ
Model: K-456
€335.05 /unit
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Tubular Wall Support Brackets
Item: CD7NKN
Model: 7-PS-24B
€366.83 /unit
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Welded Side Splash, 12 Inch Size, One Side, For Sinks 10 X 14 Inch
Item: CD7NHX
Model: 7-PS-11B
€399.48 /unit
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Welded Side Splash, 7-3/4 Inch Size, One Side, For Hand Sinks 14 X 16 Inch F-To-B
Item: CD7NKB
Model: 7-PS-16F
€328.17 /unit
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Fixtures are sink accessories that enhance the functionality, convenience and maintenance of sinks. They optimise sink usage and address common issues, such as leakages, dripping, breakdowns and overflows. Sink accessories include air gaps & covers, back panels, basket slide bars, bins, cartridges, circuit boards, corner bumpers and covers. Sink strainers prevent debris from clogging the drain, while soap dispensers offer a convenient handwashing solution. Cutting boards provide a stable food preparation surface and sink grids protect against scratches. Colanders facilitate efficient food rinsing and draining. These accessories improve the sink's functionality and address a common problem for efficient and problem-free usage.

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