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Cable, Snow Melting, 355 ft. Length, 20.5A, 4265W, 208V
Item: CJ6YCX
Model: 088L3133
€1,348.98 /unit
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Electric Floor Heating Mat 100 Feet Length
Item: AA6JZN
Model: WW100-240
€2,211.04 /unit
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Electric Infrared Heater, 1125W/1500W Watt Output, 208/240VAC, 1-Phase, Hardwired
Item: CU3CEA
Model: SCOSYXL15240w
€815.18 /unit
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Element Block, 230V

Element Block, 230V

Item: AP4NZM
Model: 00-840504
€4,467.69 /unit
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Element, 120V, 475V, 18 x 23.45 x 0.2 Inch Size
Item: AP4QTB
Model: 00-851800-00243
€383.80 /unit
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Element, Headwire

Element, Headwire

Item: AP3YHX
Model: 00-416315-000G1
€810.08 /unit
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Floor Thermostat Power Module 41 To 104f
Item: AA6KAB
Model: USG-4000
€233.61 /unit
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Infrared Quartz Electric Heater, 7300W Output, 480 V AC, 1-Phase, Hardwired, 480V AC
Item: CN2REE
Model: P-30-462-THSS
€2,078.63 /unit
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Light Portable Electric Heater, 12 Inch x 11 Inch x 15 Inch Size
Item: AG7PPN
Model: CRFH-198
€279.19 /unit
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Mat, Snow Melting, 65 ft. Length, 130 sq.ft. Coverage, 27.1A, 6505W, 240V
Item: CJ6YFV
Model: 088L3215
€1,843.61 /unit
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Self Regulating Heating Cable 250ft 120v
Item: AA6BMR
Model: 13R081
€1,581.22 /unit
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Slope Top Electric Heater 5118/6826 Btuh
Item: AD2URU
Model: 3UH12
€821.22 /unit
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