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Adjustable Height Steel Gantry Crane, 8000 Lb. Capacity, 15 Feet x 10 Feet
Item: AG7LHP
Model: AHS-8-15-10
€6,069.27 /unit
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Festoon End Clamp, Box Track, 23.11mm Cable Height
Item: CH2VBM
Model: 1301180029
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Festoon Intermediate Steel Car, Standard Box Track System, 5.59mm Cable Height
Item: CH3CYU
Model: 1301170097
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Fixed Gantry Crane, Aluminium, 6000 Lb. Capacity, 8 Feet Size
Item: CE3DGT
Model: FHA-6-8-10
€8,524.91 /unit
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Flat Electrical Cable PVC 12/8c 1 feet Length
Item: AA2UXU
Model: GR70041408
€15.11 /unit
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Galvanized Steel DC Powered Jib Crane, 3-1/2 to 5-1/2 Feet Boom, 1500 Lb. Capacity, Gray
Item: AG8CNP
Model: WTJ-E-15-3-DC-GAL
€4,263.76 /unit
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Jib Wall Mount Capacity 6000Lb Weight 2680Lb
Item: AD3RGL
Model: E180-3-20
€13,814.27 /unit
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Portable Gantry Crane 4000lb Max Height 10 Feet
Item: AD3RRE
Model: K90-2-10/16
€10,070.24 /unit
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Portable Gantry Crane 8000lb Max Height 12 Feet
Item: AD3RLD
Model: H90-4-12/12
€10,173.31 /unit
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Portable Jib Crane-offset Base, 500 Lb. Capacity, 96 Inch Size
Item: AG7UQX
Model: JIB-CBX-50-8-10
€10,664.01 /unit
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Union Hub Mounting Body

Union Hub Mounting Body

Item: BK2ZNP
Model: UCBBC350U
€840.42 /unit
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Vertical Post, 1100 Lb Load Capacity, 13 Ft Post Height
Item: CP3MJQ
Model: FWS-30608
€26,112.45 /unit
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