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Counter Lcd 6 Digits 4.5 To 28 Vdc
Item: AC2YWJ
Model: C1141BB
€22.00 /unit
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Countersink Set, Black Oxide Finish, 1/4 Inch Smallest Body Dia, 5 Pk
Item: CQ9GMF
Model: C00970
€235.04 /unit
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H Counter, Panel Meter, Tachometer, Timer, Anti-Clockwise, 5 Digit, Actuator
Item: BJ6UDE
Model: 5-H-7-1-R-AC
€1,694.81 /unit
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Hour Meter 2-hole Rectangular Lcd
Item: AC3AGB
Model: 3410-0000
€48.59 /unit
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Hour Meter Ac Quartz
Item: AC8GZG
Model: 722-0002
€48.52 /unit
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Hour Meter Lcd 2.22 Inch Flush Round
Item: AC2YWB
Model: T1161BB
€41.59 /unit
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LED Preset Counter/Timer Digital5
Item: AC6AMA
Model: FX5S-I
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Low Power Mini Pulse Counter, 7 Digit
Item: BJ6XYE
Model: 7-Y-3013PM-401
€161.39 /unit
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Me Miniature Electric Counter
Item: BJ6PPK
Model: 41312401
€775.28 /unit
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Metal Professional Measuring Wheel Replacement Counter
Item: CM7VGA
Model: MPRCA
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Module Input Conditioner Wire
Item: BJ6QBK
Model: 46075420
€257.84 /unit
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Vibration Hour Meter

Vibration Hour Meter

Item: CR3PXY
Model: HR-8065
€113.49 /unit
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Counters and Hour Meters

Counters and hour meters are devices suitable for tracking and displaying the number of events or the duration of operation in electrical and mechanical systems. These instruments provide valuable information for monitoring and maintenance purposes. They play a crucial role in monitoring, maintaining and optimising the performance of electrical and mechanical systems. These units provide valuable data on productivity, equipment usage and maintenance schedules, helping technicians & operators make informed decisions and ensure the efficient operation of machinery & systems.

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