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Binder Chain, 3/8 Inch x 20 ft., 1/Bag, Grade 43
Item: CM7WRD
Model: T0223698
€125.27 /unit
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Chain, Carbon Steel, 255 lb Working Load Limit, Zinc Plated, 100 ft Length
Item: CT7PCG
Model: 7012032
€98.28 /unit
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Chain, Carbon Steel, 3/16 Inch Trade Size, 800 lb, Zinc Plated, 400 ft Length
Item: CT7PCU
Model: 5011134
€738.16 /unit
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Chain, Carbon Steel, 5 Inch Trade Size, 155 lb, Zinc Plated, 100 ft Length
Item: CT7PEG
Model: 6020532
€533.18 /unit
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Item: BP4GWU
Model: 315439/0062/U
€35.62 /unit
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Clevis Sling Hook, With Forged Latch, Grade 100, 7/8 Inch Chain Size
Item: CL4XFZ
Model: CBX22SF
€418.09 /unit
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Excavator Hook 5500 Lb. Load Capacity
Item: AA7JVX
Model: 7991206
€776.41 /unit
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Hardened Steel Chain, 1.5m Length, 10mm Diameter
Item: CM7UKD
Model: 8020EURD
€61.11 /unit
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Latch Kit, Stainless Steel, 2 13/32 Inch Dimension A, 1 Inch Dimension B
Item: CR2TBR
Model: 1090081
€46.96 /unit
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Mooring Chain, 1/2 Inch Trade Size, 200 ft. /Drum Chain Length, Hot Galvanized
Item: CM7VJB
Model: T0129432
€9.70 /unit
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Proof Coil Chain, 1/4 Inch Trade Size, 65 ft./Reel Chain Length, Zinc Plated
Item: CM7VRF
Model: T0722127
€190.41 /unit
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Self Locking Hook Alloy Steel G100
Item: AA4XEY
Model: X-026-07
€130.75 /unit
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Chain and Chain Accessories

Chain and chain accessories are used for lifting, rigging, securing and transferring loads in construction, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and marine operations. They are available in slip, eye-style ringing, grab, anchor, snap, foundry, sling, repair and self-locking slip types, providing versatile options to meet specific application requirements.

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