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Adhesive Nozzle Spreads 11 Rows
Item: AB3HLB
Model: 10-981-25
€6.13 /unit
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Carpet Knee Kicker 19 To 23 In
Item: AD4TKB
Model: 10-410
€122.21 /unit
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Carpet Puller Aluminium Serrated Clamps
Item: AB3HLF
Model: 10--10
€61.35 /unit
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Carpet Seam Roller, Carpet Seam Roller, 5 in
Item: CT9CAZ
Model: 10-100
€43.16 /unit
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Cutter Loop Pile
Item: AE4KRG
Model: 10-152-3
€61.62 /unit
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Duckbill Napping Shears, Duckbill Napping Shears, 7 In
Item: CT9CFL
Model: 10-586-3
€44.31 /unit
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Earthbond Acrylic Cove Base Adhesive 11C
Item: CT8HUJ
Model: 7200-11C
€7.97 /unit
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Kicker Knee

Kicker Knee

Item: AE4KRK
Model: 10-412-2
€165.34 /unit
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Premium Heat Bond Seam Tape 22 Yard Thick
Item: AA4GDP
Model: 50-350
€42.72 /unit
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Pro Pull Bar 16-1/4 Inch Steel
Item: AC6NBL
Model: 10-18-8
€20.62 /unit
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Seam Roller 2 Inch Firm Rubber
Item: AH8DFE
Model: E54D
€21.38 /unit
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Traction Non-slip Rug Strip 25 Feet
Item: AE4AZG
Model: 50-580
€19.19 /unit
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Carpet Tool Kits

Carpet tool kits from Raptor Supplies include a number of easy to use and good quality tools for the carpeting. For carpet flooring there is double-sided tape that is non-toxic and acrylic adhesive for safe and secure carpet installation. The adhesive nozzle is useful for spreading adhesive for a flat and well attached installation. The 9cm seam roller decreases deformation of carpet yarn. The kits also comprise of carpet protectors to use as shields over the carpets for temporary coverage.

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