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12 Green Slot Up Strut Bracket
Item: BU2APW
Model: 2400010225
€77.41 /unit
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Bracket, Module, 5.95 x 6.85 x 0.95 Inch Size
Item: AP3ZYL
Model: 00-423760-00001
€42.76 /unit
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Cable Feeder Bracket
Item: CH3NHK
Model: T 02
€65.86 /unit
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Depth Adjustment Bracket, Zinc Plated
Item: CH7KLA
Model: 84AMK
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Double Channel Bracket, 18 x 1.62 x 6.25 Inch Size, 304SS
Item: CH7MUY
Model: B297-18SS4
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Half Slotted Cantilever Channel Bracket, Steel, 20 Inch Length
Item: BK9EWB
Model: D36U
€2.44 /unit
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Shelf Bracket 9 3/4 Inch Black
Item: AF2HRC
Model: RP-0090-10BK
€7.06 /unit
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Shelf Bracket, Right Side, 12 Inch Size
Item: CF6BJC
Model: S201R-12
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Shelf, Ceiling Mounted, Double-Deck, 72 X 18 Inch Size 1-5/8 Inch, Ss
Item: CD7QTT
Model: DCM-18-72
€3,944.95 /unit
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Shelf, Wall-Mounted, 120 X 15 Inch Size, 1-5/8 Inch Fe, 16/304 Satin Finish Ss
Item: CD8BXM
Model: WS-15-120-16
€989.67 /unit
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Single Channel Bracket, 4.62 x 6 x 1.62 Inch Size, 1920 lbs. Load Capacity, 304SS
Item: CH7NMN
Model: B409-6SS4
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Undercounter Hose Guide Bracket

Undercounter Hose Guide Bracket

Item: CJ7EAU
Model: AP150-072
€73.70 /unit
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Braces and Brackets

Raptor Supplies offers a complete range of braces & brackets including handrail, shelf, support & telescopic support braces. Shelf supports are fastened to the wall to hang shelves and feature L-shaped cabinet / wardrobe shelves which can be mounted with the help of shelf pins, support legs or push / plug-in shelf supports. The heavy-duty wall-mounted handrail brackets are ideally used while ascending / descending stairways and are available in aluminium, zinc & steel construction variants. We also supply telescopic support braces for stabilising & levelling floor beams & joists in repair & construction jobs.

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