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Brick Red Retrofit Ada Warning Pad, 2 Ft. x 2 Ft. x 3/8 Inch Size
Item: CH6MQR
Model: 760
€181.49 /unit
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Buffing Compound Bar, Emery, Black, Bar, 580 To 620g, 4Pk
Item: CH9TTN
Model: 3W767
€15.78 /pack
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Cleaner, Disinfectant and Sanitizer, 55 Gallon Container Size
Item: CF2MUF
Model: 125185
€2,773.76 /unit
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Concrete Floor Cleaner, Bucket, 40 lb Container Size, Concentrated, Powder
Item: CN2THE
Model: 72333
€269.65 /unit
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Floor Polish, Pail, 5 gallon Capacity
Item: CF2DJB
Model: 184335
€363.88 /unit
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Fog Eliminator With UV Protectant Kit, 12 oz
Item: AJ8CLK
Model: 08679
€28.06 /unit
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Glass Equal Tire Balancing Compound, 5 x 1 Inch Size, PK 4
Item: CF2BTC
Model: 3oz. BP
€38.48 /pack
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Glaze, Liquid, White
Item: CF2BTA
Model: 05928
€156.57 /unit
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Polish, Extra Fine, Gallon, 4 Pk
Item: CE9TDU
Model: 06002
€902.96 /pack
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Stand Pad

Stand Pad

Item: CJ3MWP
Model: VPFS8L
€82.61 /unit
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Vehicle Wash, Bottle, Clear, Liquid
Item: CE9CJA
Model: 38424
€398.06 /unit
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Wheel Hub Cleaner Disc, Strip Disc, 1/2 Inch Square Drive, 160mm x 65mm Diameter
Item: CJ6MKE
Model: 37355
€57.27 /unit
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Automotive Cleaning/Appearance

Automotive cleaning and appearance products are ideal for maintaining aesthetic appeal and cleanliness of vehicles. Automotive appearance products, such as polishes, sprays and protectants, are designed to enhance the shine and protect the exterior surfaces of cars. Automotive polishers & accessories provide the necessary tools for buffing and polishing the vehicle's paintwork, restoring its luster. Waxes and cleaners offer options for deep cleaning, removing dirt, stains and road grime from both the exterior and interior of vehicles. These products help preserve the paint, plastic and leather surfaces, keeping the car looking its best.

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