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Grain Moisture Meter 8 To 20

Grain Moisture Meter 8 To 20

Item: AD3FTL
Model: MMG608
€297.29 /unit
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Harvard Miniature Compaction Apparatus
Item: CL6RAF
Model: H-4165
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Soil Test Kit, Model El Garden, 4.0 To 8.0 Ph
Item: CR8MQG
Model: 5679-02
€143.61 /unit
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Agricultural Testing

For good measurement on things such as moisture content or the extent of milling, it is important touse good quality agricultural equipment. Whether you want to measure soil, grains or hay, there areinstruments such as grain moisture testers, soil compaction testers, and other meters to do the deed.Advanced digital moisture testers are also an option for more specific and convenient testing with ameasurement range of 3-20 %.

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