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  • Bottle Caps

    Equipped with a closed cell foam insert that exerts pressure on the bottle stopper and snaps firmly over the flared mouth of Wheaton BOD bottles. Feature polyethylene construction to prevent evaporation of the water seal during the five-day BOD incubation period

  • Bottle Top Dispensers

    Suitable for storing and dispensing small quantities of liquids in research facilities and laboratories. Feature chemically inert dispensers with calibrated stops for quick and accurate volume selection. Available in dropper tip and in-built internal dropper options

  • Bottles and Jars

    Includes glass / plastic dispensing, BOD, dropper, media, safety-coated, serum & spray bottles. Feature a maximum holding capacity of 10 litres and dropper / screw-on / tamper-evident closures on selected models

  • Carboys and Jerricans

    Lightweight, tin-plated steel jerry cans featuring a tin-plated, threaded cap with rubber liner to help prevent leakage. FDA-compliant, translucent resin carboys capable of storing larger volumes of liquids or solvents in warehouses or chemical processing facilities

  • Chromatography Syringes

    Includes hand-operated crimpers and decappers, pistol handles, glass syringes, ring handles and aluminium seals suitable for carrying out gas chromatography experiments

  • Dishes and Petri Dishes
  • Flasks

    Bioreactor flasks ideal for applications in high-density suspension, adherent and suspension cell culture operations. Feature a 1000 ml media compartment with a 15 ml cell growth compartment for antibody and protein production. Compatible with Hybridoma, Insect, CHO, NSO, HEK and BHK cell lines

  • Vial Top Crimpers and Decrimpers
  • Vials

    Sample / serum / cryogenic vials ideal for carrying out lyophilic or cell culture experiments. Available in borosilicate glass, HDPE, PET and polypropylene materials

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  • Homogenizers

    Cell culture tissue grinders ideal for preparing primary cells from excised tissues or subcellular components from harvested cell packs. Feature USP Type-I borosilicate glass construction with a maximum holding capacity of 55 ml

  • Laboratory Clamps and Supports

    Frames and stands, with no exposed parts, ideal for use in severe corrosive environments. Provide both clipping elasticity and motion resistance. Feature a non-scratch surface and a standard blue color

  • Laboratory Desiccators

    Silicone desiccators ideal for storing and preserving moisture-sensitive items, such as hygroscopic chemicals or cobalt chloride paper. Provide low thermal conductivity, toxicity and chemical reactivity. Also, resist damages caused by direct exposure to oxygen, ozone, and UV radiations

  • Laboratory Mixer Accessories

    Wide range of installation accessories, such as amber, clear and glass cryogenic ampules used for preserving both solid and liquid samples. Separate ampule snappers also available

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  • Pipette Accessories
  • Pipetters

    Manual / electronic pipettes used for measuring, transferring, dosing & dispensing liquids. Feature a 0.0001 - 100 ml measuring range with -4 to 2.5 accuracy levels. Separate charging stands also available

  • Pipettes

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  • Closures

    Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials to ensure each selection yields exceptional chemical resistance and dependable closure integrity, as well as dimensional stability. Available in PTFE-faced silicone and rubber, and fluoropolymer resin-faced foam polyethylene rubber body materials

  • Microbiology and Staining Supplies

    Wide range of sterile products, such as Delta cell spreaders, inoculation picks, inoculating turntables and glass Coplin staining jars for use in laboratories and research facilities

  • Test and Culture Tubes

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  • Dippers

    Suitable for collecting and transporting samples, as well as decreasing the risk of cross-contaminations. Feature a long handle length to accommodate various sample jars and designed in accordance with BS EN 14254 standards for a leak-free performance. Available in 3 sizes – 30ml, 100ml and 250ml

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  • Cryogenic Supplies

    Compatible with cryogenic vials storing vapor phase of liquid nitrogen. Feature water-repellent properties and directional holes for drainage and orientation of bottom to the top surface. Available in six colors for easy sample identification

About Wheaton

Wheaton, now DWK Life Sciences, is a leading manufacturer of precision glassware, laboratory consumables and specialty products for life science applications. The company's product range includes products such as bottles and jars, pipettes, microtubes, flasks, dispensers, vials, culture tubes, magnetic stirrers and crimping devices. Wheaton sample vials are generally used for storing drugs as liquids, powders or capsules and for collecting samples in scientific applications and laboratories. These are available in polypropylene, PET, HDPE and borosilicate glass. The Wheaton glass bottles catalogue comprises media bottles, Boston round bottles, French square bottles, Valumetric graduated bottles and wide mouth packer bottles. These bottles are available in Type III soda-lime glass and Type I borosilicate glass and are suitable for chemical, solvent or sample storage.