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  • Pads and Applicators

    Plastic staining pads with an integrated groove tool to stain flat-deck surfaces and in between boards simultaneously. Separate synthetic lambswool painting mitts to paint irregular surfaces also available

  • Paint Brushes

    Angle sash paint brushes designed using Shur-flo technology to effectively release the paint from brush to the surface providing better coverage and consistent finish. Feature polyester / nylon blend bristles compatible with all interior paints and primers

  • Paint Edgers and Refills

    Plastic paint edgers to create clean and straight paint lines on moldings and trims without the additional use of tapes. Replacement paint refill pads also available

  • Paint Roller Covers

    Designed for use with paint roller frames for painting large areas, such as walls and ceilings. Feature a porous surface that holds more paint than a brush to cover wide surfaces quickly. Available in foam, polyester and microfibre options

  • Paint Roller Extension Poles

    Designed for use with paint roller frames to extend the reach of the paint rollers, without using any ladder, platform or scaffold

  • Paint Roller Frames

    Cage- and frame-style reusable paint roller frames used with roller covers to paint large surfaces, including ceilings and walls. Feature a rotating shaft that allows faster painting rates as compared to a paintbrush and a threaded handle for use with any standard extension pole

  • Paint Roller Kits

    4- and 7-piece paint roller kits used to provide ultra to semi-smooth textures while painting fences, bookcases, kitchen cabinets and shelves. Includes durable paint roller covers, roller frames and a paint tray

  • Paint Trays and Buckets

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About Shur-line

An H2 Brands company, Shur-Line offers innovative painting tools & equipment including brushes, roller covers & kits, trays, paint edgers, staining pads and roller extension poles. The professional-grade Shur-Line paint edgers are designed to help create smooth & straight lines around mouldings, corners & ceilings; and to trim without using tapes. These plastic paint edgers feature an ergonomic & lightweight design to reduce hand fatigue and retractable guide wheels with wheel guards to keep wheels paint-free. They provide a better finish as compared to traditional paintbrushes with no linting.
The company also offers durable and tear-resistant paint pads designed for professional painters to achieve flawless, high-quality paint results. These Shur-Line paint pads feature bevelled edges for accurate and consistent cut-in & trim, and a threaded handle to easily fit extension poles. They are available on Raptor Supplies in 7 and 9 inch widths.