Test Instruments


About Shimpo

Shimpo, a Nidec Group company, is a leading manufacturer of precision test instruments for applications in research works QC / QA and maintenance, repair and operation processes. The Shimpo Instruments catalogue includes digital and mechanical force gauges, tachometers, stroboscopes, process panel meters and sensors. Shimpo force gauges are used to measure the force during a load test and are capable of bearing loads (both tensile and compressive loads) up to 1000 lb (453.59 kg). The brand's digital force gauges feature a 180-degree reversible display and a dual-labelled keypad for both push and pull operations. Shimpo 5-digit LCD / LED tachometers are ideal for use in speed measurement tests of motors, conveyors and fans and can detect a maximum speed of 99999 rpm. Choose from a wide range of these products and related accessories, such as test plates, chisel heads, adapters and chuck pins, on Raptor Supplies.