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Rivet Squeezer 6 Inch Reach
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About Roper Whitney

Roper Whitney's extensive catalogue includes knockout hole punches, sheet metal notchers, mechanical machining shears, punch-down tools and more. The brand's knockout hole punches are ideal for punching holes in sheet metal or electric boxes. They allow the free-falling of slug from the die. These tools come in numerous throat depths and capacity ratings. Roper Whitney punch bench bases mount hand punches whilst allowing proper alignment of close-fitting punches & dies. They come with base screws to ensure easy mounting and can accommodate angles, channels & flanged surfaces. These bases feature aluminium / steel construction to withstand harsh industrial conditions.

Major Trade Names

Pexto Powered Rotary Machines

Pexto PR 720 powered rotary machines are used to form sheet metal in a wide range of shapes. They are ideal for beading, crimping, setting down, double seaming, turning, burring, wiring, elbow edging,...Read more 

Pexto Manual Roll Bending Machines

They feature 2-inch, precision turned & ground, high carbon steel rollers. There are 3 wiring grooves: 3/16, 1/4 & 5/16 inches. They have fully enclosed gear housing and the upper roll can be lifted f...Read more 

Connecticut Series Light Gauge Bending Brakes

These floor-mounted, manual brakes are designed for accurate bending. They feature positive clamping pressure adjustment, apron stop rods for repeat bends and long handles for added leverage. They inc...Read more 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these machines be used to line and shade?

Yes, you can line and shade using rotary machines.

How do you use a slip roll forming machine?

  • Use the front knobs to adjust the tension.
  • Using the back knobs, adjust the radius.
  • Place the formed sheet metal between the rollers.
  • Gently turn the handle.
  • The flat sheet metal will be rolled according to the specifications.

What are the safety precautions for using a knockout hole punch?

  • Wear proper eye protection.
  • Grip the tool securely while punching.
  • Keep hands clear of the punch area.

What are the uses of metal forming machines?

The brand's metal forming machines deform sheet metals, tubes and thin bar stocks through bending, shearing or notching.

How to maintain Roper Whitney punches?

  • Keep them clean and lubricated.
  • Replace the worn or damaged punches and dies.