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Item: CT7CKM
Model: 8025-20
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About Paragon

A subsidiary of Robertshaw, Paragon manufactures refrigeration and foodservice equipment for the electrical, food, chemical and electronics industries. The Paragon catalogue includes defrost timers, electronic controls, fan blades & controls, heat pump controls, light switches, regulators and water valves. The brand's defrost timer controls provide automatic defrost capability for commercial refrigerators and freezers. These defrost timers feature a heavy-duty steel enclosure with knockouts that can withstand harsh industrial environments. They come equipped with a positive slider bar switch design which wipes the contact surface of contaminates and ensures a positive electrical contact. These defrost modules feature an adjustable frequency for defrosting initiation which can go from 1 to 6 cycles per day. Refrigeration controls from Paragon are used to control both the defrost function and the temperature of a commercial refrigerator. These controls feature a real-time clock which provides precise timings for defrost control and two temperature sensors for maximum efficiency. They come with a safe operation mode which allows continuous operation based on performance average in case the sensor fails and all the settings are stored in the memory to help in the recovery process in case of power failure. Choose from a wide range of defrost timer controls, refrigeration controls and replacement sensors on Raptor Supplies.