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  • Cable Clips

    Includes screw-on natural coloured cable clamps, cable tie mounting pads and side-entry type cable clips featuring a double-backed rubber adhesive foam tape that gives conformable contact on uneven surfaces

  • Cable Supports

    Includes J-hooks with wall / ceiling / wire / threaded rod mounting style; used for routing cables throughout any physical infrastructure. Designed to provide horizontal and vertical bend radius control that prevents degradation of the cable performance

  • Cable Ties

    Heavy-duty cable ties designed to withstand rough installation practices and provide superior bundle tightness, excellent tensile strength and flexibility. Miniature, intermediate and detectable cable ties also available

  • Grommet Edging

    Polyethylene constructed slotted / solid type units prevent wires / cables from chafing against sharp (straight or irregularly shaped) edges in knockouts & panel walls. Feature an adhesive lining ensuring a secure fit & providing a smooth finish

  • Hook and Loop Cable Ties

    Bundle the cables / wires; feature hooks and loops on the same end allowing the user to secure a greater range of bundle diameters (small to large) with ease, while preventing over-tensioning of high-performance copper & fibre cables

  • Indenting Machine Marker Plates

    Includes marker plates, embossing tags and tapes for use with indenting machines in manufacturing applications. Feature 304 stainless-steel construction to withstand harsh conditions & provide permanent identification to pipes & conduits with thick raised slots

  • Indenting Machines

    Used for permanently stamping information on compatible marker plates for identification purposes. Feature an automatic table index to push the material forward for maximum efficiency. Separate embossing hand tools to emboss 3/16 inch characters on SS / aluminium tapes, also available

  • Shrink Tubing

    Provide abrasion resistance & environmental protection to stranded & solid wire conductors, joints & terminals. Feature Polyolefin construction, further heated to contract, for delivering a snug fit over electric components & prevent ingress of dust & contaminants

  • Wire Management Tools

    Maximise the management of cables or wires during installation or maintenance services. Provide a 180-degree opening for easy accommodation of the maximum bundle diameters and organising tools tucks or wraps for a clean look

  • Wire and Cable Protection

    Used for bundling, insulating & colour coding wires & cables. Selected models (corrugated loom tubings) deliver crush & impact resistance, as well as prevent trapping of excessive heat & moisture

  • Wiring Duct

    Used to organise & protect wires within electrical enclosures for secure & effective cable management. Feature lead-free thermoplastic construction to facilitate rapid installation & rib removal w/ shock resistance. Available in 1.64 & 6 inch length options

  • Wiring Duct Accessories

    Includes rivet installation, cutting & notching tools for use with wire ducts. Facilitate cutting of wide-finger wiring ducts and removal of nylon rivets. Feature heavy-duty construction with spring-open handles for reducing manual effort

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  • Bonding and Grounding Wire Accessories

    RoHS-compliant bonding cage nut kits designed to help in creating electrical connection between equipment and mounting rails. Contain 8 pieces of high carbon steel bonding cage nuts and screws. Busbar kits, cabinet ground kits and cross connectors also available

About Panduit

Panduit provides innovative network infrastructure and electrical wiring solutions for manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, energy and telecommunication industries. The Panduit catalogue includes cabinets, racks, wire management tools, labels and signs. The brand’s detectable cable ties feature one-piece locking wedge for consistent performance, low thread force and high loop tensile strength. These Panduit cable ties are made from nylon and have a maximum tensile strength of 50 lb (23 kg). The brand’s wire strippers feature heat-treated steel for durability and cushioned plastic handles for grip and comfort. These strippers are ideal for crimping 22 - 10 AWG insulated and non-insulated terminals, and cutting up to #10 screw sizes. Choose from a wide range of these Panduit products, as well as cable clips, calibration and inspection labels, on Raptor Supplies.