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Head ProtectionView all

  • Hard Hat Accessories

    Include quick slot adapters, universal slot adapters and hard hat slot blades used to mount compatible face screens and visors on hard hats

  • Hard Hat Ear Muffs

    Dielectric ear muffs mounted on hard hats; feature Super Seal ear cushions to reduce sweat build-up and a unique cut design to fit any helmet's rim

  • Hard Hat Faceshield Mounting Accessories

    Includes nylon brackets for mounting external accessories like screens, visors and ear muffs on the brims of compatible hard hats

  • Hard Hats

    Made of polypropylene / polyurethane foam absorbers to provide maximum comfort and tolerance against heat and impact. Come with pre-installed earmuffs and screen visors which can be flipped as and when required

Hearing ProtectionView all

  • Electronic Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs

    ANSI compliant hearing protection devices featuring a soft PVC padding and a stainless-steel fork for extra comfort and low pressure on the head. Available in two NRR variants with AM / FM connectivity

  • Hearing Bands

    ANSI-rated Gelcaps Series hearing bands featuring silicone plugs to protect users against noise levels up to 23 dB

  • Hearing Protection Accessories

    Hygiene and maintenance kits comprising a pair of replacement air cushions and foam inserts for long-term effectiveness of ear muffs

  • Reusable Ear Plugs

    Used for protection from very loud noises and foreign particle intrusion; feature a 25 dB NRR and a contoured flange for maximum plug insertion in the ear

Eye Protection and AccessoriesView all

  • Polarized Safety Glasses

    ANSI- and CE-compliant polarised safety glasses featuring scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens for protecting eyes from chemicals, UV rays and other harmful particles. Have a wrap-around frame design and a contoured, non-adjustable temple

  • Protective Goggles

    Goggles featuring anti-fog, polycarbonate lenses used to protect the eyes from dust, mist and chemical splashes. Available in indirect / non-vented glass variants

  • Reader Eyewear

    Bifocal and safety reading glasses featuring anti-fog lens made of polycarbonate. Options available in the +1.0 to +3.0 diopter range in clear / grey / black frames

  • Safety Glasses

    ANSI certified safety glasses with a one-size-fits-all design featuring built-in air ventilation ports for fog resistance, wraparound temples for comfort and polycarbonate lens for maximum impact and splash resistance

Face ProtectionView all

  • Faceshield Assemblies

    27 NRR earmuffs with a nylon mesh visor suitable for hot working environments. Feature ventilation ports and a pressure release headband for comfort

  • Faceshield Headgear

    Ideal for face and head protection in tasks involving flying sparks and chips; feature a ratchet suspension, a sweatband and five swivel locks allowing self-adjustment. Compatible with Elvex faceshield visors and are available in nylon / polyethylene material

  • Faceshield Replacement Visors

    Includes face shield visors, face shield screen visors and arc shields made of high-quality optical grade material. Feature an aspherical design for easy movement and a universal hole pattern on the shield compatible with all popular headgears

WorkwearView all

  • Chain Saw and Protective Chaps

    ASTM compliant safety pants made of abrasion resistant fabric to offer reduction in heat build-up, and maximum flexibility and water resistance. Feature Prolar Protective padding which jams the chainsaw within milliseconds reducing the injury severity

  • Work Vests

    ASTM certified zipper vests used to ensure worker visibility in low-light conditions; feature layers of Prolar padding in the upper chest and shoulder areas to protect from recoil movements. Available in medium / large / extra-large sizes

About Elvex

Elvex, a Delta Plus subsidiary, has been providing high-quality industrial safety accessories since 1978. The brand offers ANSI-compliant electronic ear muffs and plugs, protective goggles and work vests for applications in steel and chemical industries, construction sites, oil & gas refineries and wind farms. Elvex safety glasses have a one-size-fits-all design featuring polycarbonate lens, UV protection and scratch resistance. These glasses are offered in a variety of frames, designs and colours. Elvex ear muffs have a headband with padded ear cups that create a seal around the ears to provide protection by dampening the harmful sound levels that can lead to hearing loss. They are available in electronic- and hard hat-ear muff variants with different noise reduction ratings. The ANSI-compliant face shields by Elvex are made from impact resistant polycarbonate, Lexan or propionate to protect face from sparks, flying debris and chemicals. Choose from a broad range of Elvex safety helmets, reader eyewear and replacement accessories from Raptor Supplies.