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  • Air Brush Spray Gun Kits

    Kits including airbrush nozzles, gravity feed cups with lids, PVC air hose adapters, head wrenches and durable cases. Used to turn paint into a fine, controlled mist using compressed air from an air compressor; ideal for providing a smooth finish while painting

  • Air Powered Airless Paint Sprayers

    Feature stainless steel construction to spray a fine, focussed mist of water and solvent base coatings at pressures up to 1200 psi and a maximum flow rate of 1.3 gpm. Low pulse design to ensure lower shaping air pressures for better transfer efficiency. Available in cart, tri-pod and mounting styles

  • Airless Spray Guns

    Forged aluminium guns with a thick-walled stainless steel fluid tube offer compatibility with solids and abrasive industrial materials to deliver a high-quality finish. Feature a unique needle design that keeps the spring out of the fluid's path. High-pressure swivel design for convenience

  • Airless Spray Tips and Tip Guards

    Designed to be able to select how much fluid will leave the gun during spray painting, as well as the wideness of the spray fan. Tips can be twisted to widen or narrow the size of the gun's tip orifice. Easy to clean and durable

  • Conventional Spray Guns

    Feature stainless steel fluid passages designed for waterborne materials; used to spray adhesives, epoxy and abrasive fluids. Equipped with a curved ergonomic handle to improve operator control, balance and spray quality while reducing fatigue. High trigger pivot point for maximum fluid flow capability

  • HVLP Spray Guns

    Feature small & lightweight design to spray for longer periods with less fatigue and easy trigger pull action for ease of operation. Unique air cap design offers steady spray patterns. Available in nozzle sizes ranging between 1.2 and 1.4 mm

  • Paint Tanks and Pressure Pots
  • Spray Gun Cup Liner
  • Spray Gun Cups

About Binks

Binks is a leading manufacturer of spray equipment and pumps ideal for different manufacturing, processing and construction applications. Its extensive catalogue includes low- and high-pressure manual and automatic spray guns, paint pumps, fluid handling hoses and fittings, airbrushes, rotary atomisers and regulators. Binks airless spray guns are designed for use with solvent- and water-based materials in Zone 1 areas and feature a direct attachment with hoses or pumps to spray a fine, focussed mist of liquid at pressures up to 7500 psi. These spray systems cause less overspray as compared to other compressed paint sprayers and are therefore ideal for spraying textured walls, popcorn-effect ceilings and uneven surfaces. Binks Trophy Series high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) spray guns are best suited for automotive, marine vessel, building and furniture refinishing jobs. These guns feature oversized knobs and an air cap ring to accommodate needle & nozzle, as per coating, part size and surface finish requirements, and a smooth trigger pull for providing no kickback during spraying. They also come equipped with long-lasting brass inserts and hardened stainless-steel fluid nozzles for reduced maintenance cycles. Choose from a wide range of these Binks spray systems and related accessories, such as spray tips, tip guards, gaskets and pressure tanks, on Raptor Supplies.