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Shelving and Storage RacksView all

  • Bulk Storage Racks

    Add-a-level bulk storage racks are designed to store heavy-duty goods, parts and equipment in an organised manner. These storage racks are made of high-density polyethylene to withstand loads up to 3540 lb and feature ventilated grid / solid tops to prevent dust build-up. They are available in 3- and 4-shelf variants on Raptor Supplies.

  • Rack Accessories

    Includes plastic shelf support pins designed for use with Durashelf grid top and solid top adjustable storage racks

Ladders Platforms and ScaffoldingView all

  • Scaffolding and Platform Accessories

    Includes work platform rubber mats having a maximum load capacity of 250 lb. Allow chemical and water contaminants to easily pass through them. Horizontal connector clips, to connect with Dunnage-Cubes and Poly-Riser plastic panels, also available

  • Work Platforms

    Stackable work platforms made from heavy-duty molded plastic to handle a maximum load of 500 lb. Can be raised or lowered to an optimal working height, thereby minimising the chances of back injury

Storage Bins and ContainersView all

  • Bin And Box Accessories

    Includes replacement connector clips for horizontal connections with SPC Industrial Dunnage-Cubes and Poly-Riser plastic panels

Workbenches and AccessoriesView all

  • Workbenches

    Includes grid and solid top adjustable workbenches having a maximum load handling capacity of 1760 lb. Can be set up in minutes within any warehouse or office environment. Available in 36-, 48-, 66- and 96-inch variants

About Add-a-level

SPC Industrial's Add-A-Level product range includes a wide variety of stackable work platforms. The modular Add-A-Level work platforms are ideal for creating a perfect working space in any industrial setting and can be easily assembled without using tools. They can be stacked horizontally or vertically to create the right industrial flooring environment with the perfect working height. These platforms allow water and other contaminants to flow through and can be used as decontamination platforms as well. The company also manufactures various industrial storage products (storage racks and bins) and workbenches in different load-bearing capacities with options in grid top and solid top variants. Add-A-Level platforms and workbenches are made from heavy-duty moulded plastic components and have a maximum load capacity of 1760 lb (798 kg). Choose from a huge variety of SPC Add-A-Level shelving and flooring products on Raptor Supplies.